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Working with determination bears fruits

Zahed Azam Sayem
Managing Director
3S Group Companies

Dream teaches a man not only to walk, but also to run. A great example of this is Zahed Azam Sayem , a prominent entrepreneur in varieties of field in Bangladesh. Although he is a Bangladeshi American but his dreams are surrounded by Bangladesh. He is the Managing Director of 3S Group of Companies, one of the most innovative group of companies in Bangladesh with business ranging from Construction, Information Technology, Hard ware Manufacturing, Hospitality Service, Finance, Agriculture, and many more.
Although there are many stories about all these individual companies but we will today talk about one of the concerns of the Group,3S Technologies limited, which now has more than 300 retailers in Bangladesh, technically part of the largest surveillance operation in the country, which helps the Bangladesh Police, Army, NSI and other intelligence agencies.
The company is a Nation wide distributor of world-class products, including Lilin (Taiwan), Yealink (China), Nitgen Biometrics (Korea), Video Netics Software and many more. The company is associated with the world’s largest and most advanced technology. The technical team of the company has developedan ecology which connects Gulshan, Banani, Niketan to Panthapath with 1500 plus military grade cameras and control rooms. The longest surveillance project in Bangladesh which is a vital project of Highway Police was also designed and installedby 3S Technologies Limited. It is almost 60 Miles that covers Savar Highway. The company has also provided world-class surveillance in the country in several other high ways and everyday they are improving. This has reduced the crime rate by about 30%. This is due to the fact that through 3S Technologies Ltd, new technologies, analytics and other innovative modules have been widely applied in the country. This is undoubtedly a surprise not only for Bangladesh but also for the developed world.
‘Merit Lilin’ IP camera from Taiwan is considered one of the most sophisticated brands in the world. Their products are not consumer-based like Samsung or Huawei. That is why it is not seen in the media or anywhere else. But this brand is made up of world class advanced technology. Zahed Azam, a self-confident entrepreneur in the field of technology, has suggested Taiwan that they want to make these products in Bangladesh. Initially, Taiwan ignored it and said that it is only your dream and technology cannot be shared. They offered 3S to import asa distributoracross the country because there are not enough companies or engineers in Bangladesh to understand this technology. Buthard work, California’s Silicon Valley’s guidelines, determination of the prominent 3S Technologies team under Zahed Azam have proved that they have risen to world-class level and they are capable of producing Taiwanese super brand products by themselves. Today, Lilin has given permission and technology to 3S and Zahed Azam to export in several countries from Bangladesh and to create world-class IP cameras. It can be said for sure that this products made in Bangladesh will enter into the US market soon.
Zahed Azam has proven his dream of touching the sky as a Bangladeshi American. He has achieved his goal with perseverance.
Azam does not have any interest politics. He is not in position to make any influence, but this self-confident young man has proven his technological superiority through his actions. Zahed Azam is a dynamic investor, a person known for his super investment technics in stocks and other financial sector and number of small and medium companies. A man who never made loss. He is a proud son of Bangladesh. He thinks a lot about the United States as well as for the development and welfare of Bangladesh.
The life of this talented entrepreneur was also quite challenging. When he was in grade two, he desired to become an entrepreneur. In 1988, his family came to the United States and his father enrolled at Yale University to pursue a Master’s degree. After completing education, his father returned to Bangladesh in the mid-90s.
At that stage, Azam moved to Canadawhen he was only 14years old. At the age of 16, he graduated from a private school and enrolled at McMaster University, where he graduated with an Honors in Bachelors of Commerce. Later He completed his Certified General Accountants degree under Government of Canada.
He entered his working life at the age of 16 and has not spent a single day without work. He was very hard-working. He has succeeded wherever he has got opportunity to work. He worked at two notable Canadian companies, AIG and Bell Canada, before starting his own business venture. He left Canada in 2011 and got a good job offer in the USA. But his entrepreneurial mindset did not let him go for a job in the middle of Manhattan. In 2013, he invested in his native Country, Bangladesh with some of his family and built the company into Canadian and American culture alike. Initially, he established a small restaurant and IT firm and invested in stocks and worked as a military goods supplier. This small firm has now become multiple business industry name 3S Group of Companies. The Group consists of – 3S Technologies LTD (One of the largest IT firm in Bangladesh), SAR Business Associates LTD, (Military Supplier and Government Construction), Quartz Manufacturing Ltd (High Tech Export Quality Product Manufacturing unit) , 78 Firoza Inn LTD, SAR AGRO LTD, Financial Consultancy, and many more small and medium investment, all run by Mr Azam . Zahed Azam a very good tax payer, is a Golden Son of this Country with a touchstone in his hand. Wherever he touches the stone, it becomes gold. Bangladesh is proud of him so is Canada, as many Canadians described his absence as a ‘big loss’ when he decided to move to US and then to Bangladesh.3


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