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Wherever you stay, you have the mentality to work for the welfare of your country

Sheikh Monjur Morshed
Managing Director and CEO
Shampan Group, Japan

Sheikh Monjur Morshed is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who has gone abroad to take higher education as well as business ventures with the aim to accelerate the economic development of Bangladesh. He is the Entrepreneurial Personality– Managing Director and CEO, of Shampan Trading Ltd., a highly successful leather oriented company located in Japan and Bangladesh.

Morshed was born in Barisal district on June 7, 1965, and grew up in Dhaka. He then graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from Dhaka University in 1988. As he was thirsty for more knowledge, he went to Japan in 1989 for further education. In Japan, he graduated with a computer science degree in 1993 from the Hi-Tech Institute of Technology, Tochigi.
After completing his studies, he worked as a system engineer for 4 years at Sanroku Technology and Trading Company and served as an executive at Mitsuwa Trading Company Ltd. While working, he realized that there were business opportunities in Japan. There was a lot of demand for many products, especially leather products, from Bangladesh. It was from this visionary thinking that he set up a leather industry called Shampan Shoes Limited in Bangladesh in 1995 with his father, Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed. He played an important role in exporting the company’s products to Japan.

The quality ‘shoe’ produced in Bangladesh under his father’s skillful supervision is marketed to Japan efficiently under his experienced management. Eventually, Morshed left his job in 2001 and became a full-fledged entrepreneur and took charge of Shampan Shoes Ltd. from his father. After taking charge as the Managing Director and CEO of Shampan Group, the success of the company had multiplied. In a developed country like Japan, the business success of Bangladeshi products is important. ‘Made in Bangladesh’ is a sealed Shampan brand of shoes, wallets, handbags, vanity bags, and several leather products used by the Japanese with great interest. Due to this, the image of Bangladesh has profoundly brightened. This has been made possible by sincere initiative and visionary thinking of Sheikh Monjur Morshed. As his company grew, Sheikh Monjur Morshed founded Rayan Ltd. in 2015 as well as other companies of Shampan Group throughout the years since his role as Managing Director and CEO. Those companies involve Shampan Shoes Ltd., Shampan Trading Ltd., Rayan Crafts Ltd., and DID Ltd. Furthermore, there are also Span Retail Shops in Dhaka and Japan.

Although Sheikh Monjur Morshed is an entrepreneur, he is also a very enterprising person in his family. His wife Runa Ahmed is a housewife by profession but she helps her husband as a mentor as well. They are blessed with a son and daughter. Their son, Ayan Morshed, is a second-year student in the Department of Business & Economics at the University of California in the USA, and their daughter, Raya Morshed, is an 11th-grade student of Canadian International School in Japan.

The confident Sheikh Monjur Morshed’s main aim is not just to make money. He has brightened the image of Bangladesh through his initiatives and actions. He is uncompromising regarding the quality of products. He thinks that if the huge population of Bangladesh is utilized properly, this country will become one of the top developed countries in the world soon. According to him, the country has made a lot of progress but at the same time, there is an increase in irregularities and corruption in the country. This outspoken and patriotic entrepreneur says Bangladesh has to be turned into a humanitarian country. The healthcare and technical education of the country have to be improved. The rule of law and democracy must be established.
He used to remind his children that they were born in a country where millions of people had sacrificed their lives to achieve independence of the country; the people of the country had also shed blood in 1952 to establish their mother tongue. Sheikh Monjur Morshed is closely associated with the Bangladeshi community in Japan and provides personal and community assistance during any disaster in the country. He hopes to make his children proud of their Bengali roots and wishes, “Wherever you stay, you have the mentality to work for the welfare of your country.”


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