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Wherever we live in the world, Bangladesh is our holy land

Moni Amdad
Rise International Company Limited

Moni Amdad is one of the Bangladeshis who have been able to establish themselves as entrepreneurs in the field of business in Japan by dint of hard work and perseverance. Although he is old, he is still a bright young man in action. He is one of the proud sons of Bangladesh who is inflating the foreign exchange reserves of the country by sending valuable foreign currency to Bangladesh earned in exile. Bangladesh has achieved a great success in this sector.

Moni Amdad, a son of traditional and ancient megacity Dhaka, was talented, lively and organized from his early age. He was born on January 1, 1966 in a traditional business family in Old Dhaka. This enterprising young man was admitted to Shaheed Suhrawardy Government College in Dhaka after completing SSC in 1989 from Nawabpur Government High School in Dhaka. Later, he involved himself in politics. In a desire of making Bangladesh a democratic country, he joined to an intensifying movement against Ershad. He also took part in various movements then the government. By dint of his activities, he gained a good reputation as a student leader. At that time, Moni Amdad played a significant role in the politics of Suhrawardy College and Jagannath College. Naturally, he fell victim to the evil eye of the then government. Many false cases had been filed against this Chhatra Dal leader Moni with a view to harassing him. At one stage, Moni Emdad was forced to leave the country.

Moni Amdad moved to Japan with a port visa with close friends. Through his efforts and self-confidence, he took a place in a high-tech country like Japan. He is now able to establish his permanent residence in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan. Initially, he learned Japanese from the Japanese Language Institute. He can speak Hindi very well. His proficiency in Japanese is also extensive.

Although hardworking Moni Amdad faced hard times in the political battle but he did not lose in the battle of livelihood. He has established several businesses in Japan by dint of his own labor and talent. One of them is Rise International Co. Ltd. He is the founder and president of this company. He has a wide range of business scope. He has close ties with the Bangladeshi community of Japan as well as the main entrepreneurial businessmen of Japan. Rise International is involved in Japan’s interior design, new and old car business. He founded this company in 2008. Although he did job once, he has been running his own business since 2002. Rise International Co. Ltd. is a harvest of his dreams.

Though Moni Amdad lived a hard life in a developed country like Japan, but he did not forget his motherland even for a moment. He didn’t forget his favorite old Dhaka. He along others founded ‘DHAKA BASHI’ in Japan too. He is one of its entrepreneurs. Not only in Japan, but under their able leadership, the traditional Dhaka-based world is now spread in different countries besides Japan, including Finland, Singapore and America. They are Dhaka residents and take part in many social welfare activities of the country through Japan.

Moni Amdad is a brave organizer and political leader. Besides an acumen businessman, he is politically vocal. While he was in Dhaka, the temptation and fear of the Ershad government could not derail him from the party’s ideology. He is still steadfast in his ideological position. He is one of top leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party in Japan. However, he does politics but he is uncompromising regarding the interest of the country. He always thinks about the development of Bangladesh. He thinks that corruption in Bangladesh has now reached such a level that many potential developments are being hampered which is destroying the image of the country.

Moni Amdad is a very honest, sincere, friendly and helpful person. During any calamity in the country, he used to raise funds with expatriate friends and sends it to the needy and affected people. According to this former student leader and expatriate leader of BNP, now one of the main political parties in Bangladesh, action needs to be taken against any corrupt party because they are enemies of the country and the people. Without the practice of democracy, anti-social and anti-human evil forces prevail in the country. They destroy the image of the government and the country through various corruptions, irregularities and terrorism acts under the shelter of the government and the current Bangladesh is the living evident of this. He says that many greedy people using laws have killed countless innocent people in the name so-called ‘crossfire’ which should be brought to justice.

This brave citizen of Bangladesh says that the developed countries of the world maintain the rule of law and justice and therefore, all those countries have the triumph of humanity. In that case Bangladesh is far behind which gives a lot of trouble to the expatriate Bangladeshis.
Moni Amdad, a prominent Japanese businessman and conscientious politician, puts great emphasis on a principle in his personal life: “Forgive the one who makes mistake but not the one who is dishonest.”
The main philosophy of this ever-smiling Japanese expatriate Moni Amdad is that we stay wherever in the world but Bangladesh is our holy land. We must make efforts for the development of our motherland.


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