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“When passion becomes profession, then life is no longer boring. E-learning is my passion and profession”

Badrun Khan
Democratic Caandidate for Congress
New York District 14

Badrun Nahar Khan, is a first generation immigrant and the eldest daughter of Bangaldeshi born parents who migrated to the United States (1960) in search of a better life and greater opportunity. Badrun was born in New York and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She is married and is a proud mother of two beautiful teen-age daughters.

As a child growing up in NYC during the 1970’s, Badrun experienced her families struggles to provide a good life for their children. Badrun’s parents were hard working individuals, they worked countless hours in their own small business and instilled the value of education and hard work to their children.

Social life was not always easy and Badrun experienced how difficult it was being the lone Bengali Muslim in her class. Badrun fully understands that her life’s experiences and the benefits of living in a culturally diverse community offered invaluable lessons that stay with her today.

Badrun is no stranger to hard work. As a teenager she studied hard and worked in her parents’ restaurant after school. She also found time to serve as a translator when needed to the emerging Bengali community.

Badrun took full advantage of each and every opportunity and her hard work allowed her to be the first woman of her family to go to college and graduate with a Bachelors of Arts from Marymount Manhattan College.
Her education paved the way for others in her family to do so as well. Badrun is working as a financial controller for a non-profit. Family is so important to Badrun and she often acknowledges her debt to her parents and her firm belief that her success is due to her devoted and selfless parents.

The value of hard work and dedication is instilled in Badrun and resonates as she passes on the same values to her two daughters, one of whom is about to enter college this fall.

Despite working full time, raising a family and working hard as her husband achieves his own Culinary degree, Badrun remains heavily involved in her Bengali Community throughout the city, but primarily in Queens. Badrun was formerly elected the President of the Jalalabad Association, whose members number well over 14,000 people.

As President, she raised money for the needy, purchased 108 burial and helped alienated Bengali women in the community. She also organized cultural events and encouraged first and second generation Bengalis to learn more about their heritage. Badrun has worked towards political and social empowerment for her community. Her service has gone well beyond the Bengali community. She has volunteered and serves with honor as a member of Community Board 2. Badrun continues to works diligently each day to help her community and the people of District 14,

As a daughter of immigrants who has lived through so much change in the United States, Badrun has a strong vision for the future, not only for her beloved Bengali community but for all New Yorkers.

Badrun’s dream is to be a uniter, someone who hopes to build bridges and a force for positive change so that no community, regardless of their ethnicity or religion will ever be left behind. Badrun believes that people should work FOR something, not just against something and that all people should get more involved in mainstream politics and become more integrated as American citizens to have THEIR voices heard. Badrun is considered by many as a tireless advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Her voice will be heard not only in the halls of government but on each and every street in our district. She will clearly become the voice that will represent all New Yorkers.


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