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“Welcome Center is Working For Well-being of Bangladeshi Immigrants”

Mohammed N. Mujumder, LLM
Bangladeshi American Community Council


Everyone desires to get established in life. Some of them can reach their goal and some of them cannot. But, it won’t be enough to have a desire. To reach the desired goal, there is no alternative to efforts, perseverance and required initiatives. Only those people can gain success, who go ahead with firm effort. Mohammed N. Mujumder is one Bangladeshi immigrant, who used to do odd job at his early days in the USA. He even worked as a security guard. He is now a recognized advocate in the USA. His emergence is like a dream. He came to the USA with many dreams. After coming to the USA, he understood that it won’t be easy for him to establish himself here. At one stage, he used to work in supermarket to survive. Sometimes, he worked as a bank clerk or company security guard. He realized, “If others can change their fate, why I can’t. He started to go ahead with this thought.

With a high desire, Mohammed N. Mujumder got admitted to Touro Law School in New York and received postgraduate degree in Law. His journey to success has become esay after obtaining master degree in law. He is now a renowned Bangladeshi Lawyer in the most modern and developed country USA. After completing his education, he joined to civil services in New York city. Thereafter, he worked at a famous law firm in New York. He has been working as a lawyer for welfare of the immigrant community for last 22 years.
Mohammed N. Mujumder believes, if anyone wants to help people, he or she can do it from any profession. He is a devoted soul who gets satisfaction working for welfare of Bangladeshi community. Through own initiatives, he has established Bangladesh American Community Council (BACC) which provides varieties of services to Bangladeshi immigrant community. He also founded Mujumder Foundation, a non-profit organization. Both the organizations have been conducting many humanitarian activities in Bangladesh and New York. These activities included protest rally and campaign in New York against hate crime, free distribution of school supplies, food distribution on the occasion of thanks-giving day, seminar on immigration, legal, tax filing, free housing application etc. He has largely been praised for arranging big fair and festivals in the community. He has founded new immigrant welcome center in 2005. The welcome center works for well-being and providing advices to new Bangladeshi immigrants. The welcome center remains open from 10am to 1pm on every Saturday in Parkchester for information of different facilities provided by New York State and New York City and to apply for section-8 housing.

Mohammed N. Mujumder believes, serving to human beings is the real religion. He quotes, every religion says about the welfare of humanity. He has relentlessly been working for solving the problems of homeless Bangladeshi Americans and developing the new immigrant housing and health services. When he gets success in his work, he gets relieved.
He deeply thinks about Bangladesh’s development. He believes, 100% people of Bangladesh will be educated gradually. The social awareness and humanity among people will increase. For this reason, he wants to change in education curriculum. He thinks, we need to introduce such kind of education which will produce good humans. As a result, corruption, crime and bribery can be reduced from the society in a large extent.
Mohammed N. Mujumder believes, the people of Bangladesh are industrious. If this manpower is utilized properly through proper leadership, the country will certainly be able to become a developed one. He says, I feel very proud for two things- liberation war and language movement. All the people across the world respect Bangladesh for this. He urges people to abide by the health guidance during the current coronavirus pandemic. He with other people of the community has stood besides helpless people during this pandemic.
Mohammed N. Mujumder is very friendly and benevolent who has been residing at Parkchester in the central Bronx, New York City for a long time. Due to his acceptability and qualities, he was the member and first vice-chairman of community board of his locality. Now, he is performing duties as chairman of land and zoning committee of the board. He opines, New York is one of the major and populous cities of the world. The people of this city have the most contribution in social and economic sectors. He believes, the education, health and housing sectors of New York should be decorated properly so that it can set up an example to others.
Mohammed N. Mujumder is involved in mainstream politics and social activities for long. He works in favor of the candidates who contest in the congress, state and city from the area of Parkchester, Bronx. He is going to be a candidate for ‘District Leader’ post.
Mohammed N. Mujumder’s wife Roksana Mujumder is his inspiration. The couple is blessed with a daughter Nasrin Mujumder and son Rashad Mujumder. 3


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