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We want to contribute to the development of our country and it doesn’t matter wherever we live in the world

Capt. Md. Irshad Ali
Managing Director
Alunited Maritime Pte Ltd.

He is among those meritorious Bangladeshi Professionals who having been to foreign land earned huge good name and good will, Capt Md. Irshad Ali, a Marne engineer staying in Singapore is one of those remarkable personalities.
Presently he not only confined himself within the gambit of business & trade of his own country but he holds the position of president, Bangladesh Business chamber of singapo0re (BBCS) and its founder member Capt. Irshad Ali is the chairman of a well-established marine business establishment namely Alunited Maritime Business (Pvt) Ltd. He is also chairman of foreign going ship company named United Shipping Lines Ltd.
Capt. Ah was born in as educated family of this country on February 26,1952 it is father Mohammad Ismail.
A meritorious Student, Irshad Chased marine profession having completed his academic career, He Work part in Training at IMO Chittagong Marine Academy at Juldia form 1970 till 1973 in pre-Sea Training. Then Capt. Ali Joined Bangladesh Shipping Corporation Board Sea Training Senior Officer beginning from 1973 to 1976. He then completed Did Class Deck (FG) Course form South Tyne College, UK. during 1979-80 and he received certificate in 2nd class dick (FG) from transport Deportment UK.
From 1980 till 1983, he performed the duties of the chief officer, board foreign going vessels tad from the same college, he completed did is class Deck (Master Marine) FG during 1983-84. He also carried out
responsibilities of commandant of a foreign going ship. During 1985-1987, he performed the duty of port captain of Aqua lines, Dhaka.
And 1986-1987 He got the opportunities of performing duties of Marine Superintendent of this organization. By dint of his dexterity and experience, he became director of operations in 1987. He due to his this responsibility charter of foreign going ship and crucial role of consultant on shipping affairs. Afterwards, he established his own firm following this experience.
He went to Singapore in 1990 and established Alunited Maritime Pte Ltd. He has been the Managing Director of this organization since the beginning this organization does ship chattering and other corseting activities. He is associated with a number of Marine Business related establishments and organization. By this time, he is a member of Singapore Institute of arbitration, Nautical institute of London and Nautical Institute of Singapore. These institutes how immense importance in Marine Business Capt. Ali thinks and expects that expatriate Bangladeshi Should uphold the image of motherland outside world as he has become all successful in his professional field and marine business too. With this and in view, he initiated establishing Bangladesh Business chamber of Singapore (BBCS). Presently be is the president of BBCS.
Capt. Ali. Thinks Bangladesh is a prospective economic solvent country. He says sea is a big property of US. Many countries have no sea port at all considering this valuable aspect, It is after 47 years of our great liberation, We could not Improve a little of our sea port system and also maritime business, He says marine business is spread across the globe. Deep sea port is of utmost necessary for us, this will expedite our economic development.

Capt. Irshad opines that the member of world class marine academy be multiplied here in Bangladesh He says if necessary private entrepreneurs be involved as because marine education is of almost necessary for professionals this will also ensure huge in low of foreign exchange to Bangladeshi expatriates in Singapore have been contras outing hugely. He thinks if proper training particularly English language training or the language of the country is imparted to them before sending to foreign countries, they will contribute more actively.
Bangladesh business chamber of Singapore has been doing wonderful job to protect the interest of Bangladesh business community thieve.
He says, we want to contribute to the development of our country and it doesn’t matter wherever we live in the world.


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