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We should change ourselves to cope with the changing situations

Adnan Imam, FCCA (CIP)
Managing Director, IPE Group
Chairman of Executive committee
NRB Commercial Bank Ltd.

Mohammed Adnan Imam, an UK citizen and CIP (NRB) status holder residing in London, is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA). He has a successful career in Finance and Investment Banking with world renowned Merrill Lynch Europe Plc. He is currently the Managing Director of IPE Group which is an UK and Bangladesh Conglomerate, centred in London, UK.
IPE Group was founded in 2002 and diversified its business throughout UK and South East Asia. It is now one of the most reputed development companies in UK and the largest IT Enable Service providing company in Bangladesh. The core competence of the Group is to focus on the following areas – Technology and Outsourcing Finance – Banking, Merchant Banking, Asset Management, Venture Capital, Insurance, Credit Rating; Real Estate and Building Products Private Equity Our team has been carefully selected to deliver excellence in our line of business.
It was Mohammed Adnan Imam overarching ambition, inexhaustible energy and never-say-die spirit that led him through all the obstacles to emerge as the young Entrepreneur of Bangladesh. He has been managing operations in two countries and has set an example in the new era of business and knowledge transformation. He feels that the world in which we do business is changing rapidly so we should change ourselves to cope with the changing situations. He is responding by increasing the speed and vigor of management to get the best out of IPE Group’s. Through proactive management, IPE group aim to achieve further growth with enhanced profitability and greater financial robustness. His target is growth through creativity and innovation – to achieve business expansion primarily by creating new value and pioneering new markets, by combining technologies and intellectual property. Fuelled by an aim to ‘Think Big, Think Differently, Think Fast and Think Ahead’ his capacities in the entrepreneurial sector were in stark contrast with his competitors.
Mohammed Adnan Imam is currently performing duties as Chairman of Executive committee of NRB Commercial Bank Limited (NRBC Bank). He was accorded with Commercially Important Person (CIP, NRB) Award-2016 for outstanding contribution in remitting foreign currency during the fiscal year 2014-2015. He also served the bank as Director and Chairman of Risk Management Committee (RMC). Adnan is involved in Real Estate business and Private Equity in United Kingdom and Bangladesh. He has also been immersed in various business activities in line of Technology and Outsourcing, Textiles, RMG and Finance for a long time with a sustainable goodwill.
A Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA), spending early career in Finance with Merrill Lynch Europe Plc in London, Adnan started his business in Mergers and Acquisitions of Distressed companies and Property Development in 2004. He understood the art of creating value out of complex property matters and has been delivering profitable developments which led to growing a successful property development business in Central London. He is active in the Private equity space and has meaningful stakes in various companies in London with focus on Infrastructure and Healthcare sectors. In 2009 has was included in the “Who is who of Britain’s Business Elite”
Adnan entered Bangladesh in late 2008 with a view to capitalizing on the Bangladesh economic growth and transformation and in a span of couple of years, has been able to take a strong foot hold in the REAL ESTATE, FINANCE, TECHNOLOGY and PRIVATE EQUITY sectors. Some of the key highlights;
– Acquisition of Prime Commercial Real Estates;
– Co – Sponsors and Directors of Bank, Merchant Bank, Asset Management and Venture Capital companies;
– Set up the largest BPO operation in Bangladesh, focused on the Telecoms sector;
– Co-founded the first on line Ad Network of Bangladesh;
– Acquisition of meaningful stakes in Textile, Garments and FMCG Sectors;
Born in 1976 in UK and spending early education life in Chittagong and Dhaka and moved to London in 1995 for higher studies.
His growth through creativity and innovation will be driven by diversity. IPE group Commitment to ongoing globalization is reflected in a determination to actively enrich management with people offering diverse perspectives. Individual employees should enhance their capabilities and apply them to adding value to their business. This is the key to ensuring IPE Group grows and flourishes as a truly global enterprise. Fulfilling his corporate social responsibility by according the highest priorities to human life and safety and to compliance are prerequisites for the success of his business.


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