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We have to be sincere in establishing arule of law and justice in the country

Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal
Jalalabad Association of America Inc.
Bangladeshi American
Association of Connecticut (BAAC)

Moinul Haque Chowdhury Helal is one of the Bangladeshi Americans who can smile with satisfaction by holding the country’s muddy soil in his chest even living in foreign lands. He is the president of the greater Sylhet Basi in Bangladesh. He is also the President of the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC). He was previously elected General Secretary of the Jalalabad Association of America for twice from 2003 to 2006.
Moinul Haque Chowdhury, a self-confident and visionary businessman, was born in 1967 in an educated aristocratic Chowdhury family of Raikhali, a traditional village in Jalalpur union under South Surma upazila in Sylhet. His father, late Shafiqul Haque Chowdhury, was the first chairman of the Swadhinata North Jalalpur Union. He was also a well-known face of Sylhet as a politician and social worker. He is one of the founders of Sylhet District Awami League. Moinul Haque Chowdhury has a rich history of family tradition. His grandfather Alhaj Suruj Ali Chowdhury performed Hajj for 4 times in 1936 and thereafter. This pious man was an established businessman in Assam, Jushhat and Darjeeling. Their predecessor, Kazi Kamaluddin Baghdadi, was a judge of the Sylhet region during the Sultanate period. His mother Faizunnesa Chowdhury Rani is a generous woman. Although Moinul Haque Chowdhury, a gifted son of aristocratic Chowdhury family of Sylhet, first started his education Jalalpu Primary School, he also got the opportunity to study at Ghatail Primary School in Tangail due to his brother’s job.
Moinul Haque Chowdhury also studied at Aided High School in Sylhet and passed SSC in 1985 from Jalalpur High School in Sylhet. In 1987, he obtained his HSC and honors degree in Political Science from Sylhet MC College and post-graduate University Chittagong. While in college, he became involved in student politics, and he was elected annual secretary of the MC University College Student Parliament in 1990.
Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a novice in social service. He played a major role in establishing South Surma Jalalpur Degree College. He is the Founding General Secretary of the College Establishment Committee. He was the president of Jalalpur Janakalyan Samity. He conducted Shefa Free Friday Clinic for 10 years.
The handsome young Moinul Haque Chowdhury went to America in 1997. Besides his work, he was involved in various organizations and social activities. He is the President of the Jalalabad Association of America Inc. and the Bangladeshi American Association of Connecticut (BAAC). He has always played an important role in the development of the Sylhet community, including the American Bengali community. He is the elected President of Jalalabad Association of America Inc. for the year 2019-2021.
Under the leadership of this talented organizer, these two organizations have been providing assistance, awareness raising, food aid and medical care to the Covid-19 affected American Bangladeshis. Following the guidelines of the Jalalabad Association of Dhaka, they conduct the activities of the American Jalalabad Association. He and his colleagues have been working tirelessly day and night to solve the problems of the people of Sylhet.
Moinul Haque Chowdhury’s wife Rimi Chowdhury is a generous woman. She is the inspiration for all her husband’s social work. Rimi Chowdhury’s father Advocate Azizul Malik Chowdhury is a prominent lawyer. He is the former president of the Sylhet District Bar and former general secretary of the District Sports Association and an enlightened business personality.
Moinul Haque Chowdhury and Rimi Chowdhury are the proud parents of two children- Anisa Chowdhury and Nivan Chowdhury. The only desire of their life is that the children should be human beings and that the Bengali cultural atmosphere should exist in them.
Moinul Haque Chowdhury is also working as a writer and researcher. He edited the ancient history of Sylhet containing the history of Hazrat Shahjalal and Sylhet. During the conversation, Moinul Haque Chowdhury says, our birthplace is Bangladesh, our roots are there. Just as people cannot forget their mother, neither can they forget their roots. He is very happy with the development progress of Bangladesh. But at the same time, he is embarrassed by the news of corruption, terrorism and deception. He says the people of Bangladesh must play a more humane role. We have to be sincere in establishing the rule of law and justice in the country just as we have gained reputation across the world by giving shelter to the Rohingyas.
Bangladeshi-American Moinul Haque Chowdhury, a luminary of of Greater Sylhet, had many big dreams. He is hopeful that Bangladesh will be able to become a developed country considering all aspects. He along with Bangladesh community celebrates Bangladesh’s Independence Day, Victory Day, Mother Language Day and Pahela Boishakh through organizing extensive events in America. He hopes that the new generation of expatriate Bangladeshis will get an opportunity to be proud of the history of the country.


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