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Mr. Sayed Rahman
Home Loan Officer & Real Estate Investor

Mr. Sayed Rahman is one of the Bangladesh-born individuals who has achieved reputation and success through his businesses in the world. He is now a resident of New York as a United States citizen. He spent his primary years studying at the Banaripara​ Union​ ​Institution, and proceeded to graduate from ​Fazlul Huq Degree Collage in Barisal under the ​University of Dhaka in 1989. With a view to change fate and receive higher education, he left for ​Singapore in 1992 for a Computer Networking Diploma. While being a student, he focused on part time Trading and Computer Business. After obtaining his diploma, he launched a business in Singapore for exporting Computer Accessories and Electronical Goods. He partook in remittance and International Trading within Singapore and Hong Kong was for the South Asian Market. During 1994 to 1999, his most consistent consumers were Computer Businesses from Bangladesh and successfully run his business most of Bangladeshi Computer business eventually became a Permanent Resident of Singapore. In search for business opportunities he then began travel globally to countries such UAE, Australia, Japan, the UK, and around North America to better his future. He moved to the United States in the year 2000 to extend his business career. At first, he faced lots of problems and immigration issues, and it was difficult to survive in the US as a young family. Gradually, Sayed Rahman achieved prosperity for Remittance Business when he formed a partnership with a licensed money transfer business based in New Jersey. Eventually, he became an money transferring agent network all across the United States and Canada, and developed almost 200 agent networks in the U.S alone. ​Mr. Sayed Rahman is very talented and hard-working. Mr. Sayed Rahman has set high expectations for his future, which inspired him to chase his dreams every day. This dream led to him becoming the Business Development Manager of the world’s third largest money transfer company- Ria Money Transfer along with the Director of Businesses Development for Trans-fast Remittance LLC. He slowly marked his foot print all over the United States for the South Asian Market, and made close to 400 agent networks. Today, most of those agents are now independent business owners and are financially wealthy.

He ​developed his career in Financial & Global Remittance Business Development in the last 15 years. Evidently, Mr. Sayed Rahman is a self-assured and laborious person. ​ In fact, he is very familiar within the South Asian community in the U.S., and that inspired him to pursue a career in the Real Estate and Mortgage field. He has been playing an important role in housing sector with his merit, labor and constant effort for last 20 years.
Mr. Sayed Rahman, a devoted entrepreneur, is a well-known investor of the housing industry in America. He isn’t only an entrepreneur, but also a Home Mortgage Consultant of real estate sector. He used to performed duties as Home Mortgage Officer of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in New York and provided assistance to many people to make their own domicile. He now works for Citi Bank and under his leadership, a large team provides help with home loan programs. Although he works for a company- he has individually provided assistance, much like an entrepreneur, for the people of South Asian community. He encouraged, inspired and guided them to achieve accurate home mortgage and how to become a successful home owner. Due to this, Mr. Sayed Rahman is very well known within the South Asian community in New York- especially the Bangladeshi community. Mr. Rahman’s goal is continue to help South Asian community with resources and support and ensure them how to become a house owner. He resonates and sympathizes with them because he is able to understand how it feels to be a South Asian immigrant who is not only a proud citizen, but also a home owner, and wants the rest of his community to feel that way. He is an enterprising man who will take the further step to help someone. He believes that Bangladesh is lagging behind as a nation but Bengalis are very hard working, and their work ethic could cause the nation to flourish. He has taken many social initiatives for the welfare for the deprived, poor, and less fortunate people of his own community.


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