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We all should work for the better of our motherland so that we can stand strongly to others countries of the world

Nahid A. Chowdhury Mamun
Chief Executive Officer
Rainbow Specialty Colors Inc

Nahid A. Chowdhury is one of those country’s expertise & celebrated personalities who became successful in establishing trade & business and also industries abroad. He is the founder of Rainbow Specialty Colors Inc., an internationally accredited proprietor of a Ulta-Modern Chemical Industry.
Imbued with youthfulness, Nahid A. Chowdhury Mamun did his post-graduation degree from Canada’s Farleigh Dickinson University having completed his graduation in chemistry, he started work at private chemical company. Later obtaining M.Sc degree, he became Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Director. He didn’t work for this company for a long time. A sense of becoming an entrepreneur grew very strong in him. He thought that if others could establish industry as entrepreneur, why he won’t be so. With this thought he built Rainbow Specialty colors Incorporation in New Jersey Hawthorne in 2001. It’s a chemical company. And through OD project-associate companies are merged. They are-company Food Dias, Cosmetics, Movie Production, Pharmaceuticals. For any new type of color production, specialized raw materials are used.
His wife-Nazneen Chowdhury is doing the job of Quality Assurance Manager. So they combinedly could supply their client’s demand. As a collaborative relationship has grown with clients, the company is marching ahead to development. The chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nahid A. Chowdhury is a successful father and guardian in personal life too. He is CEO of NCCD Partner LLC. He is the founder entrepreneur shareholder of NRB Commercial Bank Limited, an important private sector commercial Bank. He is ex-chairman of FOBANA, internationally recognized Bengali speaking people in Northern Hemisphere. He is very expert organizer.
His creativity has usher in Novelty in the world of colors. This organization produces FBC,DC, Technical grade, Natural, Cosmetic Iron Oxidizes as well as various sheds of colors and that custom brands. They are giving uninterrupted service during the long 18 years to client. As no complain is so far lodged. Not a single taint could be detected so far. These quality products reach customers with 24 hours time. They always follow zero tolerance policy. That’s why a good number of requisite skilled & experienced officers/employees always standby. So far organization supplied more than two Lac customers- No one expressed dissatisfaction ever. No product was ever returned. Products reach customers at its designated place within 24 to 48 hours depending on distance.
This enlightened entrepreneur personality has decorated this organization with ultra-modern machineries. So their produced Custom Blends Color matching Dyeing is highly graded and FD & C (Food, Drug and Cosmetic) Dyes and technical grade colorant. Any color or chemical is being produced according to demand.
The warehouse of this company covers 15000 sft area which was built at Hawthorne with the self sacrifice and initiative of Nahid A. Chowdhury. There is an Art laboratory to examine all products of this company. An on sight color matching R&D project. Technical support is given to customers from here Internationally reputed organizations are Rainbow Specialty Colors INC. colors INC are being used Gasoline & Diesel Oils, Bowl Cleaners & Acid Mixtures, Powdered Detergents, Sanitizers, & High Alkaline Products , Liquid Detergents, Glass & Window Spray Cleaners, Disinfectants, Insecticides, Deodorants, Metal & Hand Cleaners, and Degreasers, Candles, Waxes, Deodorants, Para Blocks & Crystals, Moth Cakes & Crystals, Waterless Hand Soaps, Cleaners, Automotives, Metal, Furniture & Floor Polishes, Household Ammonia & Quaternary Products, Acid Cleaners, Color Sprays & Upholstery Cleaners, Tracers & Leak Detectors, Antifreeze, Soaps, Straight Technical Grade Dyes, Ice Melt Colors, Purified Ink Jet Solutions, Primary Food, Drug, & Cosmetics, Primary FD&C Aluminum Lakes, Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Mixtures, Cosmetic Grade Iron Oxides, Fragrances, Flavors ,Hair Dyes, Natural Colors, EU FDC, Lakes, Oxides.
Though Nahid A. Chowdhury resides in Canada but he always thinks of his motherland. He says, nobody can ignore his roots. If someone does this, he shouldn’t be considered as a human. He says, “I am proud as I come from Bangladesh. We all should work for the better of our motherland so that we can stand strongly to others countries of the world.”


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