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We all from Bangladesh and for each other

Dr. Siddiqur M Rahman
An Environmental Scientist and
President of USA Awami League

Dr. Siddiqur M Rahman is among those Bangladeshi immigrants who have established themselves permanently abroad through their talent and qualification. He is a renowned environmental scientist and president of USA Awami League.

Siddiqur Rahman was born on March 22,——- in an educated respectable family of Baluhat village under Patilagura upazila in Bogura. He was very meritorious from his childhood. He completed his metric (SSC) from Science group at Sonatola Pilot High School. Thereafter, his reputation was spread widely as a talented student during studying at Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU). He was also engaged in student politics. Due to his excellent results, he was appointed as teacher in the same university in 1973. He earned great reputation as a young lecturer at the BAU. Being an assistant professor, he went to UK after getting Commonwealth Scholarship. After completing MS, he got scholarship to receive Phd degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. After completing Phd, he didn’t return to Bangladesh. Then, he got an opportunity to join as Research Scientist to Department of Environmental Protection in New Jersey. After serving there for about 30 years, he voluntarily took retirement in 2011. The main reason to take voluntary retirement was to give something to his country and its people because he realized that it isn’t possible to do something only doing job. For this reason, he joined to politics. Considering his talent, organizational skills and popularity in the community, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked him to perform duties as USA Awami League. Accepting the PM call, he voluntarily retired from service and become a fulltime Awami Leaguer. From the year 2011, he has been serving as president of USA Awami League. He recalls, Bangladesh Awami League is a traditional party, which had a great contribution to the Liberation War in 1971. Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a true leader and served the party as president from 1966 to 1974. By dint of his relentless efforts and struggle, we achieved liberation.

Dr Siddiqur Rahman believes, it is a matter of great honor to him to work for a party like Bangladesh Awami League. He thinks, if someone wants to do politics, he or she needs to give a lot of time which is not possible being a service holder. For this reason, I retired from my job with a view to serving my party and people.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina likes Dr. Siddiqur Rahman as he is very honest and loyal person. Under the acumen leadership of Dr. Siddiqur Rahman, the USA Awami League is now stronger than ever. Though he has established himself in New Jersey permanently but he regularly comes to New York for organization purpose. As a result, there is seen revival among the activists of the party in New York. Sometimes, he also goes to Bangladesh for party purpose. He has sought nomination for contesting in the by-election for Bogura- 1 constituency. For this, he has taken some work activities at Sonatola. Regarding this, he says, Allah has blessed me with fame and wealth. If the party nominates me for the candidate, I will work for the welfare of the people and development of the locality which will enlighten the image of the party.
Dr. Siddiqur Rahman is an outspoken and well speaker. He gives the life to the activities of the party as the president of USA Awami League. He has also highlighted well-arranged organizational status to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during her visit to the USA. He arranged the biggest protest rally in front of World Bank’s headquarter in Washington DC protesting the allegation against Bangladesh government regarding the loan for constructing Padma Bridge.
Dr. Siddiqur Rahman’s wife Shahanara Rahman is a social worker, who helps him in his political activities. They are blessed with a son and daughter.
Dr. Siddiqur Rahman is also playing role to bring back to bring back the assassins involved in the killing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Drawing the attention to the USA president, he says, “You say that there is no place for criminals in the USA. If it the case so why you don’t send back Bangababdhu’s killers to Bangladesh. How a convicted killer can reside in the USA, he questions.”
Dr. Siddiqur Rahman never judges the interests of the community from the party’s point of view. He says, “Those who come from Bangladesh are all one and alike.”



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