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Trying to make a big investment in Bangladesh with Japanese organization JETRO

Badal Chaklader
A Bangladeshi-born
Famed Business Figure in Japan

Badal Chakladar is one of the youths of Bangladesh, who have become able to build a solid foundation of business and trade in Japan by dint of their talent, labor and sincerity. He is the President of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce Industry in Japan (BCCIJ). Hailing from Munshiganj in Bangladesh, Badal Chakladar is the Managing Director of Padma Co. Ltd, Bongo Curry, Bongo Fashion. He is also the Managing Director Bonga Bazar, a supermarket in Saitama, Misato City, Japan, which is full with products of different countries including Bangladeshi products.
Badal Chakladars’ village home is in Shasongaon village under Sirajdikhan upazila in Munshiganj district. His father is late Hazi Ramiuddin Chakladar and mother Hasina Banu. He had strong desire to move abroad where there are job opportunities besides study. Then, he chose Japan and came to Japan in 1966.
Self-confident and visionary Badal Chakladar chose part-time work besides learning Japanese language at a school there. Thus, he started his professional life besides study. He always dreams of setting up his own business. As a result, he started business by the name of ‘Padma Restaurant’. There are two reasons behind naming this Padma restaurant, first- to highlight the river which flowing past to their house, second- to present Bangladesh. This restaurant has changed his fate. He has been able to establish himself commercially through this restaurant. As Padma Restaurant was widely acclaimed, Badal Chakladar took the initiative to expand his business in Japan. He founded Padma Companies Limited. Through this company, he started importing food from Bangladesh, Myanmar at the first time. Due to meet up increasing demand of South Asian Foods, he increases his business day by day. According to 2020 data of Padma Co Ltd, total number of Halal food importing countries goes up to 26 including Bangladesh. Today, Padma Co. Ltd has been importing varieties of food items from Square Food & Beverage Limited, Kazi Food Industries Ltd. and Banoful & Co. Ltd. in Bangladesh. Badal Chakladar is hopeful that he will be able to launch many food products of Bangladesh in Japan. He always has a deep feeling towards his roots. Apart from Japan, he has real estate business in Bangladesh under the name of BRS. He is the chairman of this company.
Badal Chakladar got married to a Japanese woman. His wife came to eat at his restaurant several times before marriage. His name is Khazumi Chakladar. She was a schoolgirl then. After the marriage, Khazumi has been cooperating a lot to his business. They are blessed with three sons- Amit Chakladar, Hayat Chakladar and Atara Chakladar. The elder two sons have received master’s degree from university. The younger son is still a high school student. The whole family feel proud about the war of liberation in Bangladesh.
Badal Chakladar performed Hajj in 2011. He also performed Umrah in 2019 with his wife and youngest son. He is a senior vice-president of Japan Awami League as a follower of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He is the President of the Munshiganj-Bikrampur Society in Japan. Through this organization, they help the mosques, schools, madrasas and orphanages in their area. They also help during any natural calamities. He has taken initiatives to develop the primary school in his village. Badal Chakladar is the representative of Chittagong E Chamber. He has come to Bangladesh with the Japanese aid agency JETRO and is trying to make a big investment in the country.


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