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To take Bangladesh ahead technical education should be prioritized

Dr. Omar Ishrak
Chairman, Intel Corporation

Dr. Omar Ishrak is one of the Bangladeshis who have been able to brighten the image of Bangladesh by dint of their talent, wisdom, intelligence outside Bangladesh. Dr. Omar Ishrak has been elected chairman of the board of directors of Intel Corporation, the world’s second-largest American technology giant. He joined the company as an independent director in March 2017. He replaces Andy Brayant, the outgoing chairman of the board. Andy Brayant has worked for the organization in various capacities for more than three decades and has been its Chairman since 2012. About the newly elected chairman Bangladeshi American Dr. Omar Ishrak, he said, “Omar Ishrak is quite qualified and skilled to run such a global organization.”
Dr. Omar Ishrak is truly fortunate to be the first person to chair such a world-renowned electronics company. Prior to joining Intel Corporation in 2016, he was the chairman and CEO of Medtronic, a world-renowned medical technology company. The headquarter of this company is also in the USA.

A luminary of Bangladesh Dr. Omar Ishrak has completed a bachelor degree in electronic engineering. He later moved to London and earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering from King’s College, University of London. He was very meritorious from his childhood. He has a deep affection for people as much as he is addicted to acquiring knowledge. He likes to do challenging work. He is also dedicated to the welfare of the people.
A skilled, experienced and accomplished executive Dr. Omar Ishrak is a member of the Board of Trustees of Asia Society. The Asia Society is an Educational Organization that conducts and collaborates to strengthen relationships and participation between the people, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United Kingdom in a global context.
Dr. Omar Ishrak took over Intel at a time when the market was facing a lot of competition. Intel is the world’s second largest and lowest cost electronics manufacturer which was founded in 1938. Intel produces quality electronics products at affordable prices, including the X86 series of microprocessors, which are mostly used in personal computers. Evaluating Intel, Fortune magazine listed it as one of the 500 largest companies in the United States in 2019.

Dr. Omar Ishrak is the only Bangladeshi American who has taken over as chairman of a globally established electronics manufacturing company like Intel. It is not only matter of joy and proud for Bangladeshi Americans but also the people of Bangladesh. Dr. The US embassy in Dhaka has also congratulated Dr. Omar Ishrak on being the head of Intel.

Dr. Omar Ishrak has also served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medtronic. It is one of the leading medical technology companies in the world. Its head office is located in the USA since 2011. By April 26, he had made significant progress in Medtronic’s board company. Prior to joining Medtronic, he served senior positions at General Electric, a worldwide business, for 16 years and also served as President and CEO at General Electric Healthcare Systems. GE Healthcare is a division of worth of 12 billion approximately. Prior to that, he was the Senior Vice-President of Healthcare.

Whenever and wherever Dr Omar Ishrak was in charge, he encouraged every worker to engage in job and make them enterprising to work in new ways. He would tell them I had come so far through work from an officer. He used to advise everyone to acquire skills at work.

In the initial 13 years, Dr. Omar Ishrak has accumulated experience in technology development and business management of such inert materials and has developed a wide range of products from various ranks in Diasonics, Vingmed and Philips Ultrasound.
Dr. Omar Ishrak believes, if we want to move Bangladesh forward, we need to develop the technology sector. Therefore, technical education should be given priority in the education system.



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