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Though we are citizens of America, Bangladesh is our roots

Moin Choudhury, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Moin Choudhury Law Firm, PC
District Leader at Large
Democratic Party, NY

Moin Choudhury, a Bangladesh-born young lawyer, has been able to establish himself in the United States. He is the Managing Attorney for Western Law, a law firm founded in Queens, New York. He is a learned lawyer in the US Supreme Court.
As a student, Moin Choudhury graduated from Banani Model High School in the USA. Later, he received a degree in Attorney at Law from the US Supreme Court. He received a master degree in law with distinction in 2002 from Touro Law School in New York.
This young and talented lawyer is practicing law at The United States Supreme Court, Michigan Supreme Court and The US Court of International Trade, New York. He is a professional member of the State Bar of Michigan, the American Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the New York States Bar Association (Out of State).
Moin Choudhury is probably the first Bangladeshi American attorney to have an opportunity to work in this profession as a skilled lawyer in the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of International Trade and the Michigan Supreme Court.
Moin Choudhury joined the State Bar of Michigan in 2005 and began his advocacy career in the Wayne County of Michigan. Beginning of his career, he had the opportunity to work as a Criminal Defense Attorney. There, he had the opportunity to meet and learn from numerous clients awaiting trial including war criminals from the Iraq war. It has enriched his career.

He has gained experience in various aspects of the legal profession. He has acted as a lawyer in many accident cases. He got the verdict of collecting millions of dollars in the case of the client involved in the accident and arranged for the client to get it. This skilled and resourceful lawyer also serves as a lawyer in client’s immigration cases and has the honor of winning most of the cases.
Moin Choudhury, a self-confident and talented lawyer, has already established Moin Choudhury Law firm PC and he is its managing attorney. The organization is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Michigan State Bar, and the United States.
As a prominent lawyer, Moin Choudhury is involved in the mainstream American politics. He thinks that America is the meeting place of the people of all the countries of the world. Bangladesh needs to be presented more brilliantly here. In a country like America, when someone from Bangladesh gets any recognition for good deeds, that recognition enhances the image of Bangladesh.

According to him, we Bangladeshis are proud in many ways. We are proud of our 21st February which is recognized as World Mother Language Day today. We are also proud of our war of liberation. He is in favor of celebrating these days with due respect and importance in the Bangladesh community. He thinks that the development of Bangladesh must be continued. He himself is an optimistic man. According to him, strong initiatives need to be taken to reduce the rate of corruption in Bangladesh. Due to this corruption, Bangladesh is not reaching its desired development goal.

He said the people of Bangladesh community in America do politics but they are united on the issue of development of Bangladeshis. This trend should be introduced in Bangladesh as well that “Politics is for individuals, but Bangladesh is for all.”
As a lawyer, Moin Choudhury hopes that the rule of law will be established in Bangladesh and the judiciary system will be made free from influence. He believes that Bangladesh is a country of immense potential and its development will be possible. But for this, we need planned initiatives and the whole nation must work together.


Moin Choudhury, a young and talented lawyer, is associated with many social organizations in Bangladesh. He comes to the country whenever he gets time from busy schedule. “Even though we are now American citizens, we have not forgotten our motherland,” he said. He opines, “Though we are citizens of America but Bangladesh is our roots.”


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