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The universe is transient. A happy and peaceful family is the greatest achievement in human life

Fahad Solaiman
Fauma Innovative Inc.

Fahad Solaiman is an accomplished Bangladeshi American, who has been able to consolidate his position not only in business world but in the mainstream politics. The energetic and confident young man was born in 1970 in a freedom fighter family in Nilphamari, Bangladesh. His father, Late MM Solaiman, was a valiant freedom fighter and the founding president of the Nilphamari District Jubo League. The family of MM Solaiman Ali has a reputation and influence in the socio-economic arena of Nilphamari.
Fahad Solaiman came to the United States in 2006 and worked hard to establish himself in Queens, New York. Besides his hard work, his wife Urmi Rahman has an important role accelerating the prosperity of his personal life. Urmi Rahman is a familiar figure to the Bangladesh community in Queens. He is a public school teacher there. For this reason, it has become much easier for them to establish ÔFAUMA INNOVATIVE’ Corporation there. Through this marketing company, entrepreneur Fahad Solaiman initially went door-to-door to various companies and customers. His dedication and ability to work hard have provided him the opportunity to establish himself.
At one stage, he got a big opportunity in business. He became a partner of All Choice Energy Company, which opened the door to his business fortune. Thereafter, the enterprising young Fahad Solaiman set up a Staffing Company and Social Adult DayCare Center. Thus, he has established the FAUMA INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY GROUP.
He isn’t known as a successful businessman but also social worker and donor. The family members of Fahad Solaiman are well-educated and enlightened. Her sister Richie Solomon is a famous TV actress whose husband Rasek Mallick is an efficient officer in the New York Police Department. Younger brother Fahim Solaiman is a commercial pilot.
Fahad Solaiman thinks about the life in a different way. He says, ‘Human life is not long. The universe is transient. A happy and peaceful family life is the greatest achievement of a human’s life.”
Fahad Solaiman always gives importance to his family. Fahad Solaiman and Urmi Rahman are blessed with a son Shakir Solaiman, who is 6 years old. They are bringing up their child introducing with the mainstream culture of Bangladesh. The couple believes, though they established themselves in America but Bangladesh is their main roots. They want to raise their children in the light of that roots.
Fahad Solaiman says, “I am really proud of my father and he is a heroic freedom fighter.” We feel so proud of our 21st February, 26th March and 16th December which remind us about our valiant history of struggle for the country. He celebrates these days with community with great interest. He believes, Bangladeshis have a prouder history than many other countries.
Fahad Solaiman is dedicated to the development of Bangladesh. Whenever he gets time and opportunities, he helps in the development of his locality. Fahad Solaiman has a great interest in politics. So, he has involved himself in the mainstream politics in New York along with business.



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