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The remittance sent by the immigrants is playing an important role in Bangladesh’s economy

Mohammed Ayub Ali
Senior Vice President,
Bangladesh Business Council, Dubai, UAE
Al SaaDa Engineering Steel Const. L.L.C.

Though Bangladesh lags behind in terms of economy and technology but the enterprising entrepreneurs of this country have established themselves doing business through improved technology with the other countries and made Bangladesh pride to the world. Among them, Bangladeshi businessman Md. Aiyub Ali is one of them who has already established several business firms in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is the senior vice president of Bangladesh Business Council, Duabi.
The native village of Md. Ayub Ali at Fatikchhari in Chattogram. His father’s name is Late Hazi Abul Khaier and mother Rahima Begum. He passed SSC exam from Fatikchhari Coronation Govt. Model High School. He completed his graduation in Arts group from Fatikchhari College in 1981. Then, he went to Oman in 1984 and worked there as sales executive at a foodstuff based firm for 2 years. He performed his duty with great sincerity and desired to engage himself in business. In 1992, he was involved with an America-based oil field company for 7 or 8 years. Through working there, he gradually saved money with a view to setting up a business firm. From this thought, Md. Ayub Ali established M/S Al SaaDa Engineering Steel Construction L.L.C in 1997. He turned this company as one of the notable firm in Dubai through his great efforts and labor.
The thirst for developing business and appetite for works have encouraged him to set-up more establishments. In 2008, he set-up Anjumane Al Jaraf warehouse. He has already established 9 warehouses measuring 44,000 square feet. These warehouses were let out for the maintenance of warehouse materials. Within a short period of time, his business was flourished and fame of his business in Dubai spread.
Ayub Ali then engaged himself in steel and fabrication business in UAE in 1997. He established many public and private steel fabrication buildings in UAE, Afghanistan and Somalia. A successful Bangladeshi Ayub Ali is still known as an entrepreneur in the world.
His business firms are very popular in Dubai and other countries because he performed his business activities with great sincerity and skill. He is doing steel fabrication works at City Centre in Kabul. He also established a warehouse in Somalia.
Since 2013, Ayub Ali has been operating his oil fields machining jobs through his own business firm named M/S Al Amna Engineering Works Workshop at Ras Al Khor in Dubai. As he was involved with this business before, he was able to gain more success in this business. The patriotism of the founding Managing Director M/S Al SaaDa Engineering Steel Construction and entrepreneur of M/S Al Amna Engineering Works Workshop is very deep. He thinks the people of Bangladesh are very intelligent and hardworking. They are putting exemplary contribution to the field of business and service in different countries. Ayub Ali thinks a lot about his country even residing abroad. As an organizer, he is very skilled. He is involved with various Bangladeshi organizations in Dubai. He is the President of Chattogram Samity Dubai and North Emirates.
A Bangladesh Dubai expat Md. Ayub Ali opines that the remittance sent by the immigrants is playing an important role in country’s economy. He urged to the non-resident Bangladeshi to invest more in the country. He believes that Bangladesh will turn into a developed country soon.


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