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The main characteristics of Bengalees are self reliant and hard-working

Nizam Chowdhury
NRB Global Bank Limited

Nizam Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi born American has been immensely contributing to the economic development of his motherland, Bangladesh. He is an entrepreneur and Founding Chairman of the recently established NRB Global Bank Limited. This is a glowing example and recognition of high sprit of patriotism of expatriate Bangladesh of the recent times.
Internationally noted businessman, Nizam Chowdhury was born on 14 February 1956 in a respectable Muslim family in Feni district. His father is Late Shamsul Islam Chowdhury and mother Late Saleha Khatun. Nizam Chowdhury was a highly meritorious student. He obtained his SSC from Sharsadi High School in 1976, HSC from Feni Government College in 1978 and BA (Hons), MA in History from Dhaka University in the year 1981 & 1982 respectively. After 10 years of his Dhaka University life now he finished his PHD Degree Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). On completion of his study, he worked in a private organization. His served at PMP International Company as the Assistant General Manager where he supervised International Export-Import of the company during the tenure of 1984 till 1988. Afterwards he served Wells Fargo Bank USA as loan consultant during 1990 till 1998. Since 1990 till today, he is the President of Trade Balance US Corporation. This noted entrepreneur established Worldwide Energy Source LLC of which he is the President. And in the same year he established NRB USA Inc. and assumed the responsibilities of its Chairmanship. He is performing as the Director of Max Power Limited. To attain professional zeal, he received ‘Anti Money Laundering’ training organized by New York State Banking Division. This highly educated and aristocratic Businessman Nizam Chowdhury used to dream to do something for the economic development of this country. As he said- It was our dream to establish a bank for the economic development of my motherland with the help of Bangladeshi expatriates residing in different countries of the world. Finally, the dream has an existence now, which is ‘NRB Global Bank Limited’. We have started our journey with the desire to serve the people at home and abroad with the latest technology and improved banking services. We want to make the banking a ‘great experience’, which is our motto. We want to contribute in the economic development of Bangladesh significantly. Approximately 55% of total population in Bangladesh has come under banking even after four decades. So, the maximum portion is still far away from banking. Our mission is to reach them with improved services bringing them under banking.
It seems that many Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) people are little confused to invest in Bangladesh although they have huge fund to do so. NRB Global Bank Limited is assuring them about their investment in Bangladesh, which will create huge employment opportunities. This bank has started its journey with ‘state of the art technology’ to facilitate its customers feeling at home and having a ‘great experience’ in banking. This is the first bank in the fourth generation banks to start with ‘Priority Banking’ captioning the name, ‘NGB Gold Banking’.
NRB Global Bank Limited has been established to meet up the local demand using the foreign remittance sent by the NRBs, who are working very hard in abroad. This bank is to safeguard the depositor’s money as the custodian and also to return it to them with a better value. Keeping all these in mind, I, along with some renowned NRBs, with the due approval of the regulatory bodies, established NRB Global Bank Limited to become the pioneer leading from the front in the economic development of Bangladesh. This bank is providing timely, efficient & innovative banking services with its well-equipped employees and also trying heart and soul to fulfill its shareholder’s desire.
NRB Global Bank Limited has a credit policy to give its customers world class services at the earliest. It will lend money after having ‘zero confusion’. We are not to compromise with our services, which will give our customers a “great experience”.
In order to keep up the trend of banking, NRB Global Bank Limited is going to introduce wide range of ATMs, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Agent Banking, Credit & Debit cards etc. within the shortest possible time. We are very aware to reach our customers throughout home and abroad with wide range of branches. We also wanted to open branches in such a way that we can follow the Bangladesh Bank’s 1:1 branch policy as well as assure banking for those approximately 45% unbanked population. Moreover, we are to have a unique culture and different mode of banking satisfying our customer’s.
We are not looking at making profit only; we are to serve the society. Our CSR activities will be done in such a way so that it will cover maximum portion of people in the undeveloped society.
Nizam Chowdhury’s wife is Danny Chowdhury. They are blessed with two sons- Nihad Chowdhury and Navid Chowdhury.


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