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The interest of our motherland bangladesh should come first

Mohammed Yaseen Chowdhury (CIP)
Chairman, Group of Companies
Organizing Secretary, NRB CIP Association

Many entrepreneurs, businessmen, well-wishers- social workers of Bangladesh are spread over different countries of the world. Their entrepreneurship and trading activities have been enlightened the image of Bangladesh day after day. They are proud sons of this soil and representative of this country abroad. Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury is one of those Oman expatriate entrepreneurs and businessmen. He is not only an entrepreneur-businessmen, but very well-known as an organizer. He is the chairman of Oman’s well-established business concern Akhtar Furniture, Oman.
He is the chairman of Akhtar Al-Balushai Trade & Cont. LLC Group of companies. He is also Chairman of Al-Raha Furniture Man. Managing Director Ry Private Ltd & Chairman of Best Mark Housing Ltd. He has been selected as CIP a Business -personality by the government of Bangladesh. He has been performing the crucial role of Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh abroad. Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury was born in a respectable family, Darigan village of Raujan Upazila of Chittagong district. Since his childhood, he is very meritorious and intelligent and highly expert. He is also highly organizing. He obtained his SSC degree from Raujan Gaowa AKY MS Multipurpose high school of Chittagong and HSC Gahira Degree College and also Bachelor Degree. On completion of study, he got the chance to go to State of Oman in Middle-east. He got involved in business there. He established Akhtar Furniture, Oman.
His modern and high standard furniture engulfed not only Bangladeshis but also mind of sophisticated foreigners. He is an able minded Bengali for people there. His Best Mark Housing Ltd and his Akhtar Al-Balushai Trade & Cont. LLC of the same Group of companies is also a commercially successful concern, Though he lives abroad but his all concern are regarding Bangladesh. He thinks that his motherland where he was brought up is his actual identity. He along with his Chittagongian people in Oman Organizes. Presently he is The President of Chittagong Association in Oman. He is the close associate of Chittagong students who are studying in Oman. He not only serve the Chittagong people, he is also a well-wisher of all Bangladeshis in the State of Oman. He is the former President of Expatriate Bangladeshi Business Community in Oman “Business in Small and Bangladesh”. Adorned with creativity Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury on several occasions discussed with various Ministries of Bangladesh Government regarding the role of NRB how expatriate Bangladeshi Business Community Organizations NRB CIP Associations could render help for the upliftment of country’s economy. Expatriate businessmen have been rendering very crucial role for the overall development of Bangladesh. About One Crore 20 Lakh expatriate Bangladeshies are involved in job & business there.
Their remitted money has been playing a crucial role. According to Chowdhury, Bangladesh has now more than 32 billion US dollar in reserve.Very popular organizer Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury recently joined 33rd FOBANA Conference of the worldwide gathering of Bengalees held in New York, USA. He had the rare opportunity of meeting Bangladeshis entrepreneur-businessmen who came across the world there and he shared his own feelings with them. According to Chowdhury, wherever we stay the interest of our motherland Bangladesh should come first. He says, “we achieved the independence of Bangladesh through the great liberation war, we are all proud of it.Bangladesh is now becoming a middle income country. We are all proud of this. If such progression continues, Bangladesh world invariably become a developed country soon”. He further says, “if NRB expatriates are provided opportunities, huge investment come and industrialization would follow”.


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