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The expatriates are the real heroes of Bangladesh because they sacrifice more than others

Abubaker Siddique Rana
General Secretary
Korea-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce
CEO, Prime Group, Seoul, South Korea

Many young enthusiasts could highlight the proud position of Bangladesh before the outside world. One of those is Abu Baker Siddique Rana. He is the general Secretary of Korea- Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (KBCC) This enthusiast organizer is a member of Executive Board, World Bangladesh Organization (WBO) based in Paris, France. Ex-Vice President of Seoul City, Foreign resident Council, Ex-Founder President of Bangladesh Community in Korea (BCK), Vice President of Global Alliance (GBA), a popular organizer of 2016 who contributed a great role held in Kua Lampur, Malaysia the first Business World Global Summit (WBO) formation. He joined IST CONE Convention as Representation from South Korea in 2019. Since his childhood he was meritorious and organization oriented, Rana is a strong believer in the ideals of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman. Rana is International organizing secretary of Bangabandhu Parishod Central Committee & President of South Korea Bangabandhu Parishod. Siddique is a special business entrepreneur living abroad. He is the Founder & CEO of prime Travels. He is a Rotarian and general Secretary of Rotary Seoul Yongsan-3650. He is the Editor of online journal He is the advisor of Bangladesh student Association in Korea (BSAK), Founder Ex-General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, South Korea, also founder of Zaffran Mart, popular Zafran Restaurant, Desh Travel & tours, Malaysia Branch. Meritorious, Smart and far-sighted businessman Rana was a student of Dhaka Tejgaon College. Rana graduated from Hanyang University in tourism & hotel management & now he is studying in Masters in tourism at Hanyang University, South Korea.
Rana while abroad felt the need for root crisis. Being imbued to develop foundation of korea-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (KBCC).
Dr. Woo Saug Min, President; Ms. Jeon GM Bun; Vice President; Mr. Oh Kyong in, Chief Advisor of the Chamber respectively. He considers Bangladesh is a country of potentialities; He says wherever we stay we should work together for the development of Bangladesh. So we founded KBCC. According to Rana- Best Banglee of thousand years, the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who dreamt of sonar Bangla-his daughter peoples’ Leader Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been implementing that dream come to reality. Bangladesh is marching ahead. In near future, Bangladesh will place herself to the row of developed countries. He says when we receive any good news about our country, we get exhilarated. Our foreign currency reserve now reach 32 Million US dollars and per capital at US$2100. And the country’s image is being brightened day after day. The role behind this-is the contribution of expatriate Bangladeshis. He thinks, the expatriates are the real heroes of Bangladesh because they sacrifice more than others.
Abu Baker Siddique Rana is a well known person in the Republic of Korea among foreigners and locals. Prime Group founded and directed by Abu Baker Siddique Rana. This Group has been rendering inbound & ground tour services, cargo services, telephone services, money exchange services since 2008, being abroad, Rana has been taking a part in the development of Bangladesh.


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