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Tasneem Sinha
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Tasneem Sinha is a brilliant daughter of the Sinha family. It is a well-known name in the business world at home and abroad. She was born in an aristocratic Muslim family of Louhjong police station in Munshiganj district. As a woman entrepreneur, she has achieved great things. In addition, despite the various adversities surrounding her, she has earned the title of ‘Business Lady’. She is currently the Founder Chairman of Kalyar Replica Ltd., Kalyar Packaging Ltd., MB Clearing Ltd. and Advanced Logistics Ltd. She is also the Director of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. and ACME Agrovet & Beverages Ltd.
Tasneem Sinha is the only daughter of Mizanur Rahman Sinha and Jahanara Mizan Sinha. Her father is a prominent industrialist, ideal politician and former successful State Minister for Health of Bangladesh. From an early age, Tasneem Sinha was extremely talented. Above all, she thought of herself as a successful business entrepreneur. Encouraged by everyone’s inspiration, she decided to pursue a higher degree in marketing and eventually graduated with a master’s degree in marketing. Soon after gaining a higher degree, she became involved in various business activities. She herself became an entrepreneur and established Kalyar Replica Ltd. and Kalyar Packaging Ltd. These are the unique names in the current printing and packaging world. Even Kalyar Replica Ltd. and Kalyar Packaging Ltd. has become one of the top five printing and packaging companies within a short period of time. It has been made possible because of her successful efforts, honest courage and hard work, even with the overall cooperation of the members of the Board of Directors.
At present, the company is providing products and services to a number of companies with international standards such as Unilever Bangladesh Ltd., Square Toiletries Ltd., Pran Group, Dennis Food Ltd., Kohinoor Chemical Company Bangladesh Ltd., AST Beverages, Olympic Industries Ltd., Bonaful & Co., British American Tobacco Ltd., Health Care Pharmaceuticals Ltd., etc. Earlier, these companies had resorted to various printing and packaging companies outside the country to fulfill their demand of quality printing and packaging works. And considering all these aspects, Tasneem Sinha became vocal to create a new series of quality printing and packaging by dint of her unique and extraordinary talent which is now known as Kalyar Replica Ltd. and Kalyar Packaging Ltd.
Tasneem Sinha is now a successful businesswoman for 10 years as well as a hard worker. She is the granddaughter of the late Hamidur Rahman Sinha. Hamidur Rahman Sinha founded The ACME Laboratories Ltd. in 1954. As a result of his tireless work, The ACME Laboratories Ltd. has made unique contributions to the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh and has even gained recognition as the second largest pharmaceutical company in the country.
Tasneem Sinha has shown her courage in every moment of her life. She is currently the proud mother of three children. For business purposes, she began her journey and traveled from country to country. In the midst of so many engagements, she wakes up every morning to keep herself busy in all the activities of her personal life and is admired by all as a hardworking successful woman. She is always full of praise for her father who is a successful industrialist, ideal politician and educator who has been able to spread his identity widely at home and abroad. And all this has been possible because of honesty and sincerity.
Tasneem Sinha says, the role of her father was more behind her establishment. And above all, she prefers her father’s cooperation. As a result, she has been able to come this far. She believes, if we want to take our country towards progress, the government must ensure women participation in all sectors.

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