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Taskin Ahmed

Taskin Ahmed
Deputy Managing Director
Ifad Group

Taskin Ahmed is one of the most celebrated names in the list of young businessmen and industrialists in Bangladesh. He is the Deputy Managing Director of IFAD Group, a company that has been relentlessly serving consumers for three decades in the current business world in the country. He is the second son to the Chairman of IFAD Autos and Director of Gulf Oil (BD) Limited.
He has completed Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. He also pursued his MBA at North South University, Bangladesh. Having finished his academic career, he joined the company at a comparatively early age. But for him, age was won over by the attributes of his in-born leadership quality, exposure to reputed academic environment, family grooming and pragmatic outlook that was remarkable from his very childhood.
Since 1999 he started work in IFAD Autos, which solely represents the Ashok Leyland brand and over the last decade turnover of the company had increased ten-fold under his leadership. He had also served as the President of India Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IBCCI). He is actively engaged with a number of social and philanthropic organizations of national stature, without forgetting his root of origin.
The company, founded by Iftekhar Ahmed Tipu, a well-known businessman and Taskin Ahmed’s father, started its journey through transport sector. IFAD Autos Limited has been providing services in the transport sector of this country for almost three decades.
The vehicles supplied by the company are Ashok Leyland double-decker bus, CNG bus, minibus, covered van and truck. These are carrying out massive economic development activities according to the infrastructure of the country which has been coordinating with various government service providers and the transport system. Ifad Autos Limited is the only distributor of Ashok Leyland in Bangladesh, a well-known Indian company.
Although the family resides in Begumganj, Noakhali, Taskin Ahmed was born in Dhaka. He has been the Director of IFAD Group since 1999. He is performing his duties very efficiently by combining about 15 years of practical experience. He is a Director of IFAD Enterprise Limited, IFAD Automobile Limited, IFAD Agro Complex Limited, IFAD Multi Products Limited and IFAD Diana International Limited. However, he is paying close attention to the transport sector. His elder brother Tanveer Ahmed is the Managing Director of the company and is also active in other conglomerates of the group.
His contribution in building the country’s transport sector on a dignified foundation will encourage newcomers to the industry. His dynamism and field work skills are exemplary for newcomers.
It is through the dedicated efforts of Taskin Ahmed that IFAD Autos Limited strives to win the confidence of the buyers in importing and marketing quality cars for the development of the transport sector. This journey has been expanded further through their goals, promises and impeccable service delivery. Vehicles supplied by IFAD are running smoothly even in underdeveloped areas of the country which is certainly examplary. According to Taskin Ahmed, ‘In order to improve the transport sector of the country, road communication system needs to be developed’.
Like the big developed cities of the world, 3 or 4 types of car lanes are prevalent which should be introduced in our country too to reduce congestion. He thinks, ‘There must be adequate public transport’.
According to him, IFAD Autos has enriched Bangladesh’s transport sector during almost all governments. The people of this country are enjoying the benefits. IFAD Group also set up IFAD Agro Complex in Bhaluka, Mymensingh district on an area of about 252 acres. It is one of the largest fish hatcheries in Bangladesh, from which about 500 tons of Telapia, Rui, Shing, Shoal and other fishes are being marketed every year. This organization is playing a leading role in meeting the domestic fisheries demand and has also achieved success.
The ever smiling Taskin Ahmed received his higher education from the United States but can easily mix with the common people of the country. In his private life he is associated with various social and cultural organizations. He is also widely known as a sports fan. He is an honorary member of Dhaka Club. He is also a member of Kurmitola Golf Club and Gulshan Club Limited. Taskin Ahmed has traveled around the world for education and business purposes. He is trying to implement the experiences of the transport sector of developed countries here. He mentioned ‘By developing transport sector, there are immense opportunities for employment.’

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