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Tasfia Jashim
Designer Fashion Limited

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of! Fond of Lilies and White roses the little girl has grown up to become an advisor to the father now. The eldest child and a female who is investing her time and effort with policies in the RMG sector to help the business community and the country to develop the predominantly women oriented human capital. She completed her B.Sc. from University of Toronto in Economics and Employment Relations in 2020 and is currently working as the Compliance Analyst at their own firm, Designer Fashion Limited. She is Tasfia Jashim, daughter of Jashim Uddin, President of FBCCI.
Her work parameters have been defined by her education meant to foster good and effective policies that will cater to overall productivity leading to good economics. Her work parameters include but are not limited to Health and safety, Working hours, Trade Union, Benefits, Audits etc. Her objective is to contribute in meaningful ways and make a difference to society. It is through these positive policy changes that Bangladesh can expect a good business climate which has been the objective since the beginning of the growth of the RMG industries.
Born to parents Jashim Uddin and JesminAkhter in 1996 she has had very good education and grooming all through. She completed her schooling from ISD, a renowned International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh before flying for University of Toronto and is currently planning on doing her Masters from the same university. Her human and social angle is being reflected in her work aimed at long term economic sustainable goals through uplifting the RMG workers community.
She was asked to comment on the rate of pregnant women dropping out from work due to various work related pressure at RMGs. She replied with a determined tone that policy advocates like her are working for these issues as we speak and the outcome of this is visible in the form of day cares at several RMG factories. Lactating mothers are also getting paid maternal leaves for a very long time in most of the factories. On the question of ‘Paternity Leave’ she mentioned that it is in the pipeline but because the concept is still not very popular yet in the RMG workers community and in Bangladeshi community it will take some more time. The social and cultural barriers are yet too prominent to overcome by the patriarchal society.“ I doubt how effective paternity leaves would be, given the cultural and social barriers in the country. This notion that mothers raise their kids while fathers work is a dynamic born out of patriarchal social structures,” she pointed out.
According to Tasfia Jashim, a woman should not have to choose between motherhood and career. She is entitled to have both in life. This is a collective responsibility of the society at large to allow the women workforce to realize their potential both at home and outside. A large part of this responsibility should be shouldered by the males (father, brother, husband, son and boss) she opined.
Her field of work also encompasses the informal sector labour force that comprises of almost 80 percent of the workforce which is grossly being neglected and ignored by the Government. It is possible to streamline this large but unfortunate group of the population constructively through better policies and thus contribute to the per capita income. This is an untapped area which needs the attention of the proper authorities.
Tasfia Jashim, also a Director at Designer Fashion Ltd., suggested that although Bangladesh has been developing the Education sector quite successfully a lot of work still needs to be done in the Public Health sector. A productive work force needs an output oriented Health service which is lacking here in Bangladesh.
As part of the business community she has also pointed out that the Advanced Income Tax (AIT) which is being paid by companies at the startup is acting as a growth barrier since it is increasing business cost initially. The AIT should be abolished to encourage entrepreneurship, she suggested.

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