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Bangladeshi People are Laborious and Honest and they Have the Ability to Turn the Country As Developed One

Tanveer Mahmood
President & CEO


Tanveer Mahmood is a successful self-made Bangladeshi American entrepreneur. He is the President of AIMEX LLC., one of the world’s reputable defense articles suppliers to the U.S. Armed Forces, Foreign Military and Government agencies. Mr. Mahmood has been recognized as the industry leader early stage of his life with over 20 years of experience in the defense industry. Mr. Mahmood also made a tremendous business success in infrastructure, especially in Energy sector all over the World.
Tanveer Mahmood was born and raised in Bangladesh. He attended St. Gregory’s High School, Notre Dame College, before completing his Undergraduate Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing and Master’s degree in Commerce at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his Second Master’s Degree program with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, New York.
Mr. Mahmood exhibited entrepreneurial ambitions and a leader at a young age. While in high school and college, he was a leading as President of various organizations. He was also the President of Leo Club of Dhaka Greater Metropolitan for many years. He was the recipient of many Honorable Awards during his academic years and has emerged as a gem among the many students in his college. With a strong passion for advanced education in Business, Mr. Tanveer Mahmood moved to New York City, early 90s.
After MBA program Mr. Mahmood worked many years in the defense industry. Guided by the principles of hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, Mr. Mahmood started his own journey with AIMEX LLC with an office in Wall Street, New York. AIMEX core business supplies of ammunition, weapons system, Artillery, surveillance system, surveying system, spare parts for Tanks, C130 and various other aircrafts, vessel and land system.
Under Mr. Mahmood’s outstanding leadership, AIMEX was awarded by the United States Department of Commerce for ‘Export Achiever’ in the global marketplace. The award was presented in a large ceremony by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney from the State of New York organized by U.S. Department of Commerce.
With a vision in creating a better world, Mr. Tanveer Mahmood launched his business in the infrastructure industry focusing on Energy sector in Middle East, Africa and Asia and brought Energy solution to help solving an energy crisis in those regions.
Mr. Mahmood is Partners with Members of Dubai Ruling Family, Royal Family Members in the Middle Eastern Nations as well as successful and influential individuals and entities from other parts of the World.
Accompanying his extraordinary achievement in the defense and infrastructure industries, Mr. Mahmood has cultivated and nurtured close relationships with senior officials in both the Legislative and the Executive Branches of U.S. Government. With a keen understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. Government.
Mr. Tanveer Mahmood with Senator John McCain, Congressman Andre Carson Senator Lindsey Olin Graham and Congressman Mike Honda on a various meetings/occasions
Mr. Mahmood successfully developed strong alliances with the most important leaders of the Era. He has relations with both Republican and Democrat top Leaders and Advisors from Senate and House Armed Services Committees, Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, Senate and House Appropriations Committees, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Budget Committee.
Mr. Mahmood is currently resides in McLean, Virginia United States with his wife who works for Federal Government and two boys one pursuing undergraduate degree in Cyber Security in Penn State University and other boy in the middle school in McLean, Virginia.3


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