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Tabassum Kaiser

Tabassum Kaiser
Chairman, Partex Agro Ltd.
Director, The City Bank Ltd.
Director, Partex Star Group

Tabassum Kaiser is a visionary businesswoman with profound knowledge and expertise in all aspects of a diverse industrial enterprise. She is the Chairperson of Partex Agro Limited, a Director of The City Bank Limited as well as a Director of Partex Star Group and holds board-member positions at many other institutions. Her awe-inspiring story of how she was able to break barriers in the business world, especially in agro-enterprise and became a director of one of the leading and fastest-growing industrial conglomerates of Bangladesh, remains an academically eye-opening amazement.
She has indeed a remarkable journey from her childhood of dreaming about women empowerment and she was striving for a great way of life. She reveals how she was able to materialize the transition from her career as an entrepreneur to a philanthropist. Someday her biographer will certainly reveal as to ascertain what led her to be able to raise herself as one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs through sheer hard work, perseverance and innovation. She grew in a spectacularly bright educational background. Having had her under-graduation in International Business and graduation in Finance from the country’s foremost business school, the North South University, she is now set to complete her PhD in Finance & Banking at the country’s premium Dhaka University.
Tabassum’s story is indeed a chronicle full of challenges of a triangular affront stretching from raw materials and technology outsourcing abroad, manufacturing bases in Bangladesh and brand marketing in a highly competitive domestic, even export market. But nothing could succeed as success. She never got assailed by remorse, nor perturbed by praises. She sailed straight with her inherent courage and selfless dedication. As a successful Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur, she underscored the potentiality of an overriding stake in farm-enterprise and, as such, excelled in the Group’s Agro-wing alongside a throbbing industrial enterprise, banking and an exemplary corporate, family and individual CSR in initiative.
In 2017 she was elected as the Vice Chairman of The City Bank Limited. Her credence is still omnipotent in a number of service products of City Bank. These include 2nd lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, titled “City Bank American Express Platinum Lounge.” City Bank, thanks to her core mission of feminine empowerment and integration of women in the enterprising national mainstream, launched a dedicated women banking business division – ‘City Alo.’ She could persuade the Board of The City bank to set an example of ensuring easier access to financial products and services spectacularly designed for women with this initiative.
Tabassum Kaiser is a strong supporter of local and international humanitarian causes, and she is actively involved in raising awareness on social welfare, community development, and environmental issues and all possible best practices. As a dignified woman entrepreneur, she has all along been appreciated by all concerned authorities for her decisive adherence to regulatory compliances.
Partex Agro Ltd., the fastest growing concern of the Partex Star Group, bears the credence of her talent, an inherent as well as acquired attribute of Tabassum Kaiser, as its chairperson. The company concentrates on research & development, production, processing and marketing of high-quality seeds both hybrid and inbreed for better farm output. The company also deals with other key agricultural inputs like fertilizer, crop protection, and animal health products for the economic benefit and prosperity of the growers.
The company has been driven by continuous innovation in every field of activity having a diverse and dedicated workforce imbued with the culture of value delivery. The name PARTEX AGRO inspires prosperity to all its stakeholders. Since its inception in early 2009, Partex Agro mainly focuses on research and partnership-based activities to develop and deliver innovative products, technologies and services to the agriculture sector aiming at sustainably contribute to food security and economic wellbeing of Bangladesh.
For creating a greater impact Partex Agro has been working in collaboration with many world-renowned research organizations, multinational companies and global development partners as well. Partex Agro has been driving its entire operations with a mission ‘To be a leader in the use of science and innovation in research, meeting consumer demands for food safety, unique food quality and environmental stewardship. The company established many brands in different segments of inputs which are being highly demanded by the farmers. It is continuously adding new product lines for supporting the growth and market requirements. In 2016 Partex Agro acquired an organic fertilizer producing facility and started marketing from January 2017. With the support of the USAID-AVC project, Partex Agro introduced high quality pulses and groundnut seed varieties, which are increasingly getting immensely popular.
Partex Agro is a proud member of Business Call to Action (BCtA) an UNDP program for inclusive business. The company develops capacity of the people at base of the pyramid that includes into its value chain as grower, supplier and channel partners.
It is often said that agriculture and agro-entrepreneurship is a typical masculine preserve. But Tabassum has broken that taboo. Her stewardship of Partex Agro is an icon of feminine lead in an agrarian country. But she may be the first, but not the last. Tabassum Kaiser keeps inspiring many other women agro-innovators and entrepreneurs and an increasing farm products’ online networking groups to contribute substantially towards further developing our so beautiful green country – Bangladesh.

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