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Sumon Talukder
Managing Director

Sumon Talukder started his special educational activities taking into account the fact of ever increasing demand for taking job oriented higher studies all over the world. The entrepreneur of this multidiscipline oriented organization, himself is a patron of education. Talukder has taken epoch-making steps in creating and developing opportunities for education of Bangladeshi students in the developed world. At the very beginning of his professional life he expanded his business taking education as his capital and played sensible role in the expansion of education, standardization, building skillful human resources, eradication of unemployment and social reform.
Although in 1991 Sumon Talukder kept his organisational activities confined only within few countries of the world but in 1996 after the establishment of SSBCL he expanded the business and through his many years of experience, expertise, honesty, dependable service earned the heart, confidence and trust of many students. Very laborious, farsighted, meritorious, S. Talukder is known to be a generous and amicable personality to the business community and educationists. Presently, Talukder is carrying out SSBCL’s activities in almost every country of the developed world including UK, USA, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. And working as the direct enlisted representative of more than one well established educational institution and getting the cooperation of the embassies of the respective countries. S. Talukder obtained his bachelor degree from Dhaka University. Side by side with institutional education he has enriched and updated himself by participating in different professional and technical courses and workshops in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway etc. Besides, he also took part in many other international trainings and workshops. Not only his participation but his active part in a number of international seminars and workshops and as a respected representative, special guest and as speaker he brightened the image of the county. Among these are: ICEF Workshop in UK, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, Spain. CEC Network Agent Fair- Vancouver, Canada; NAFSA- Annual Conference different part in USA;EAIE Annual Conference in Norway, Belgium, Spain, France and WEBA Agents Workshop, Switzerland .
SSBCL Group is sponsoring different social events in and outside Bangladesh. SSBCL is sponsoring BETA Summer Parliament in House of Commons in UK with the presence of British Minister, MP, Lords elites business personnel, Bangladeshi Minister, MP and social elites. SSBCL Also organize several Social awareness conference, seminars and exhibition in Bangladesh for growing awareness in education, tourism & social infrastructures.
Other than educational activities Sumon Talukder is involved in SNN web news media, traveling, market research, travels and tourism, 3D Multimedia, software development, event management and other diversified activities. The establishment has by this time passed its successful decade.
The business relations of his establishment SSBCL are with DCCI (Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network), London, UK; EAIE (European Association for International Education), Netherlands; FACDCAB (Foreign Admission and Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh); ATAB (Association of Travel agents of Bangladesh; AIE (Association of International Educators), USA; BETA (British Educational Travel Association), London, UK. General Body Member of FBCCI.
S. Talukder is holding several positions in different association to integrate & implement as part of positive Bangladesh.
Talukder is Co-Chairman, Standing Committee on Commodity Promotion at The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), Member-Standing Committee on Youth Entrepreneurship Development at The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), Member-Standing Committee on Tourism and Hospitality Services at The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), Member-Standing Committee of Civil Aviation, Travel & Tourism and Services Sectors Development at Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Member Standing Committee on Trade Delegation and Trade Fair 2011 at Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry -DCCI, Senior Vice president -FACD-CAB, Bangladesh, Member-Technical Committee (BTC) at BORDERPOL, Canada.
S. Taluklder has become popular to all due to his humble, non-greedy, and impartial character, which he has spread to all around him. He is an acceptable man to people of all strata owning to his farsightedness, humane mentally, social welfare and on being helpful to others. Different organizations honored him for these qualities and awarded special prizes. The achievement of awards like Bangladesh Journalist Welfare Society, BASAKS Award 2004, Journalist society for human rights and welfare award 2005, Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 (Bisshwabidalaya Porikroma Award 2007), Business Award 2007 (Kagoj Kalom), Bangladesh Most Respected Company 2008 (Desher Kagoj), Sher-E-Bengla Padak 2008-In Tourism Sector 2008, Business Awards 2009-10, CMFB AWARD 2010 FOR BEST INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION & TOURISM SECTOR.
‘The International Arch of Europe Quality Award 2012’ was handed over to him by the Business Initiatives Directions (BID) in the gold category for the outstanding contribution of SSBCL in the field of higher education.
Sumon Talukder feels that the young generationa of Bangladesh are being grossly ignored by the government thus hampering the overall development of the country.

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