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Success cannot be bought but to be earned with strong effort, focus and consistency of what you do and do it with your belief to accomplish at the end of the day

Munshi Badiuzzaman
Chairman, Tania Group of Companies
Chairman of Executive Committee
NRB Bank Limited

Munshi Badiuzzaman, a renowned name in the business industry for more than three decades, spreading its business horizon in Singapore, Bangladesh, Dubai, Malaysia and India. A prevalent figure in the financial sector, Mr. Zaman has been successful in diversified arenas of businesses and equally contributed towards the society, people’s welfare and greater contribution to nation and its people.
Unlike lots of entrepreneurs, Mr. Zaman climbed up the ladder of success and achievement through intense hard work, dedication and timeliness. Since the age of 20, he has dreamt of building the blocks of businesses and successfully oriented towards the glorious journey and affiliations in the business industry.
Graduated from the famous University of Dhaka, Mr. Zaman extended his business internationally while being the Managing Director of different companies in Singapore, under Tania Group of Companies- Tania International, Tania Development and Rajib Enterprises- all of which created the brand name known to many globally. The spread of business ranged from Financial Services, Healthcare, Real-estate and Consultancy Services, Export-import-Trading businesses and many joint venture high-scale projects- which are being prominently rolled out beyond Singapore and other countries in the Asian region.
Mr. Zaman never felt deprived of losing hopes even in difficult times in his business journey. He has always overcome the business and financial obstacles with positivity, confidence, high energy and regrouping strategy to create new opportunity in the businesses. His focus and determination are as strong as to perform to the highest standard and possess strong leadership skills. He is the Director of NRB Bank in Bangladesh and also holds prominent position as the Chairman of Executive Committee of this growing financial institution. He also holds the position as the Executive Chairman of Ubercare, a Healthcare brand in India under Uber Inc Medical Services Pvt Ltd. The Ubercare portfolio includes India’s 3rd largest Public Private partnership project in Maharashtra with 32 hospitals, out of which the Plot project is up and running for over 5 years in Pune Aundh Civil hospital.
Ubercare Diagnostics portfolio includes Sapphire Hospital, Thane- Mumbai; Saboo Siddique Hospital, Mumbai, BSES MG Hospital in past along with two stand alone Diagnostic centers. In a new foray, Ubercare has starteea Wellness Skin chain with the first units in Mumbai and Pune. His vision for healthcare delivery to the last mile is being planned for Bangladesh, his motherland and his dream is on developing similar model for 64 district hospitals in Bangladesh.
His Bangladesh business also spreads in the industry of Real-estate development, management and consultancy services in the sector. He is the Chairman of Advance Homes, a renowned real estate developer, Rehab Member in Bangladesh; Executive Chairman of Pay Union- providing cutting edge technology in agency banking module and automation in financial sector; he is also the Executive Director of Strategic Enterprise in Bangladesh which deals with export-import of raw materials from around the globe and participate in major tenders in the country.
Mr. Zaman always prioritizes the time and significantly contributes to the society. Development of schools, madrasa and helping the needy people in homeland Bangladesh has always been a priority. He believes that even being Non-resident Bangladeshi and spreading businesses in other countries, he always encourages to support local people and focus on their well-beings. He has also groomed up his next generation by building a solid platform in the businesses as well as giving learning and experience edges to his sons Ehsanuzzaman and Najib Zaman, who are also the Directors of his Companies an leading from the front.
Mr. Zaman believes that success cannot be bought but to be earned with strong effort, focus and consistency of what you do and do it with your belief to accomplish at the end of the day. Being an influential NRB business figure, he would like to encourage all upcoming entrepreneurs to groom with confidence and focus on success by dedication and honesty. Mr. Zaman wishes FOBANA Convention 2019 a great success and hope it works strongly to be a greater platform for upcoming young enthusiast entrepreneurs.



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