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Licensee Of Prestigious French Brand Pierre Cardin In Bangladesh

Mr. Shamim Kabir
Managing Director
Ornate Luggage and Bags Inc.

Shamim Kabir is the Proprietor of Grebond International and Great International who has a significant experience in Business since his early life. He finished his graduation in Business Studies in 2002 but his business career started in 1998 to lend a helping hand in the family business as well as to obtain work experience besides studies. Mr. Shamim Kabir is one of the directors of Baly Group which is his family business. When he started his career in 1998, he mainly looked after the Chicken Hatchery and Synthetic Leather Factory to help his father. By the time he had enough knowledge about running a company, in the year of 2003, he started his own company under the name of Grebond International and Great International. The companies are mainly trading companies concerning Adhesive from Taiwan and Travel Goods from China. Great & Grebond International is the exclusive Sole Agent of Nanpao Adhesive from Taiwan which is a very famous chemical company in the world. Recently the company has obtained the prestigious Licensee status of the world famous French brand Pierre Cardin to manufacture and sell all sorts of Travel Goods under the name of Pierre Cardin. The company is also the authorized manufacturer and distributor of Ornate brand Bags and Luggage. Mr. Shamim Kabir has traveled through most of the countries in Asia and Europe to obtain different kinds of training related to his business arenas in order to enrich his business experience. He has always been generous enough to share his knowledge with different local industries to develop particular sectors. He has always been keen to patronize different business sectors of Bangladesh in order to contribute in the economic development of the country. He has shared many constructive ideas in the Leather and Furniture industry in Bangladesh by introducing latest kinds of environment friendly adhesives which is a must in both the industries. This proves that he is an open minded patriotic business man who believes in the success of the business industry as a whole rather than his personal benefit.
In the year of 2003, Mr. Shamim Kabir took a courageous scheme of setting up a Luggage manufacturing Factory in China with the help of his father’s enormous business experience and innovative ideas. He took this initiative to exert more control and have greater share in the Bangladeshi Luggage Industry by importing from his own company in China. This Chinese factory exports travel goods all over the world besides satisfying the demand of Bangladesh. He stayed there from 2003 to 2007 to run this overseas project as well as to earn more knowledge about the world luggage industry because China is the global source of all kinds of products for the rest of the world. All the international buyers come to China to find their product of interest. So, by setting up this luggage factory, Mr. Shamim Kabir has become well acquainted with the latest trends and technologies of the international luggage industry and has also come across many international luggage buyers.
Currently this dynamic business man is contemplating on setting up a 100% export oriented Luggage Factory in Bangladesh because he is well equipped with the technical know how of manufacturing this product as well as supported by his current buyers who buy luggage and bags from his China factory. His entrepreneur soul always believes in taking the first initiative in business and this export oriented luggage factory will be the first time ever in Bangladesh. Mr. Shamim Kabir maintains a wide range of interest in business and his interest in Shoe Industry should be addressed too. He has vast understanding of shoe industry because previously shoe manufacturing was his family business. Moreover the Taiwanese adhesive he markets in Bangladesh is widely used in most of the Shoe Manufacturing companies in the Country.
The ambition of Mr. Shamim Kabir is to offer travel goods to Bangladeshi people at a reasonable price with world class design and quality and also introduce Bangladesh as a Travel Goods exporting country to the whole world within next three years. His ambition also includes patronizing the shoe industry of Bangladesh by offering world class Shoe Last which is currently being imported.


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