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Shajir Ahmed

Shajir Ahmed
Deputy Managing Director
Super Group
Director, AB Bank

Shajir Ahmed completed his Bilingual Diploma degree on International Baccalaureate (IB) from United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. Following which, he graduated in Business Management from Kings College London under University of London in 2008. In 2009, he started his first job as a Central Accounts Officer in Habib Bank AG Zurich, Dubai.
Upon Ahmed’s return to Bangladesh in 2010, he joined his family business as the Director of Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Limited, a pioneer manufacturer of different graded paints in Bangladesh. At present, Ahmed is the Managing Director of Super Silica Bangladesh Limited and the Director of Super Tel Limited, Super Sea Fish (Pvt.) Limited, Elite Super Plastic Ind. (Pvt.) Limited, Super Shares & Securities Limited., Elite Food Industries Limited, Broast Foods Ind. (Pvt.) Limited and Aurora Decor Limited. Shajir Ahmed also holds the position of Deputy Managing Director of Super Refinery (Pvt.) Limited, the first Natural Gas Condensate Refinery in the private sector since June 01, 2006 till date.
In 1997, Super Group’s vision was created with the establishment of the first ever private sector refinery in Bangladesh. The goal was to develop the group into a premier business conglomerate. Now, Super Group of Companies consists of 6 companies, with interests in petroleum, call centre, trawler fishing, plastics, share brokerage and housing development.
“Our motto is to enter into sectors which we believe will support the development of our country. The choice of our sectors reflects the group’s aim to move the country forward and allow it to be globally recognized”.
The journey of Super Refinery started in 1997 with the establishment of Bangladesh’s first-ever private sector refinery. We utilize the gas condensate from the various gas fields of the country to produce industrial solvents such as MTT, SBPS and other petroleum by-products.
SRL has been playing a key role in supporting the growth of the paint industries of the last 18 years. We are facilitating and fulfilling the entire demand of MTT by the paint companies which used to be imported hence, saving the countries precious foreign reserves.
In addition, The Government of Bangladesh has also benefited from the activities of SRL. Motor Sprit and Diesel are two of the country’s widely used petroleum products. Their supply was largely dependent on imports, which has sharply decreased once Super began providing the government with MS and Diesel.
SRL has been operating its refinery successfully for 18 years. During this period the company increased its capacity from 25,000 MT to 1,00,000 MT comprised of 3 Columns.
Other then SRL the diversified business interests of Super Group of Companies has helped to become a stand out conglomerate of Bangladesh.
Elite Super Plastic Industries (Pvt) Limited commenced its business transaction with incorporation of RJSC, Chittagong on 5th July 2004. It is an affiliated company of Super Group of Companies. The business segment of this industry is to manufacture plastic related products. Currently, we are the major suppliers of plastic containers in all sizes for storing of paint of Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd. ESPL has already been reputed for the excellence of product. The factory is located in 293, Baizid Bostami Road, Industrial Area, Nasirabad, Chittagong.
Super Silica Bangladesh Ltd. (SSBL) is the first SGS certified state-of-the-art facility providing Sodium Silicate of international standard. It converts agro-waste using a patented technology providing its customers with a clean and 100% pure product supported by Quality Control Lab Certificates. This standard of product quality has been introduced by Super Silica for the first time in Bangladesh allowing our customers to achieve considerable savings in their production process. Sodium Silicate has diverse applications and is used as a crucial raw material by Soap, Corrugated Box, Ceramic and Welding Electrode factories
Through eliminating agro waste, SSBL visions to create a zero-waste industry that positively correlates with the true concept of a circular economy aiming to eliminate waste through ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ (Sustainable Development Goal-No 9).


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