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Shahriar Kamal

Shahriar Kamal
Managing Director
Concord Group

Concord Group is a company which has created a surprise in the construction industry in the country. The group’s journey began in 1973 by participating in the reconstruction of war-torn newly independent Bangladesh. Many people now know about the work of this modern art family in the pursuit of the betterment of the industry. Concord Group, which is always uncompromising in terms of efficiency and quality, has so far built more than 1000 state-of-the-art buildings and technically spectacular establishments at home and abroad.
Concord Group has made a significant contribution to the nation-building process by rebuilding the war-shattered seaports, bridges and industrial infrastructures of post-independence countries. Construction of Armed Forces building, building of the country’s first tallest building, naval headquarters, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, VVIP Conference Center, Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Mirpur Indoor Stadium have been made by Concord Group. Apart from this, the group has also constructed multi-storied commercial bank buildings such as Shilpa Bank Bhaban, Janata Bank Bhaban, Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha Bhaban, Jiban Bima Tower and many other eye-catching establishments are the brilliant achievements of Concord Group.
Concord Group, one of the largest real estate, Engineering & Construction Conglomerates in Bangladesh, paid homage to the sacrifices of millions of martyrs in the patriotic liberation struggle and completed the construction of the National Memorial at Savar near Dhaka in just 89 days with utmost dedication which has become a special milestone in the construction industry in this country. The group has entered into the international arena after successfully completing the construction of the Singapore Telecom Building in Singapore which is a matter of great pride for this nation.
Housing problem is one of the basic problems of this country. Concord Group is developing various housing projects one after another in the development of the country’s housing sector. These include Grand Palace Concord, President Park, Concord Nest, Police Plaza Concord, Grand Lake View, Lake Front Concord in Gulshan, an elite area of ​​the capital Dhaka; Madhuban, Ashalata, Chayalota Madhumati, Avilas, Smaranika in the traditional Dhanmondi residential area; World Trade Center, Khulshi Town Center in Chittagong. Concord Group also has apartment projects under construction in different locations.
Lake City Concord is one of the most impeccable creations of the Concord Group so far. It is a satellite township where total land area of ​​the Lake City Concord project is about 65 bighas (the size of which will increase further in phases). The number of buildings is 16, each building has 18 floors, the number of apartments is 2,400 (the number of which will increase gradually). The number of shops in the shopping complex is about 400. Earthquake prevention measures have also been adopted in Concord’s current construction structure. This is the best technology of the age in the world. RCBM technology has been used in the construction of multi-storey buildings without columns and beams, proving that this technology is highly reliable as an earthquake resistance. Many high-rise buildings have been built and are being built using this technology in the United States, Texas, Florida, New Mexico and Russia as well as other developed countries of the world. Lake City Concord has its own waste disposal plant (Aqua Bio Compact Plant) which was set up to preserve and ensure a pollution free environment.
Though Lake City Concord’s apartments are affordable, it will get a state-of-the-art sub-city with a touch of modernity and nobility. The sub-city provides all kinds of civic amenities such as schools, community centers, playgrounds, mosques, shopping complexes, wide roads, amusement parks for children. It is believed that many will not need to come to the main part of the capital Dhaka except for jobs or business purpose.
Shahriar Kamal, Promising Managing Director of Concord Group, a leading industrial family in the construction industry, is leading the real estate sector and Concord Group towards a gradual development path. He says, Concord Group is continuously working to meet the housing problem of the country.


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