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Shah Nawaz awarded for serving community during Covid-19

Shah Nawaz, a social worker, an activist and a successful businessman by
profession, has been rewarded with Covid-19 award for his extra-ordinary
contribution during the coronavirus pandemic in the community in the United
States of America. Apart from him, two more Bangladeshi has also been awarded
with this honor. They are- Asef Bari (Tutul), CEO of Bari Home Care, New York,
Ahsan Habib, President of Narsigndi Zilla Samity and Secretary of Lions Club.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams handed over the award to Shah Nawaz on
November 10, 2020 at a program. It is mentionable that this award has been
awarded 188 people including Shah Nawaz.
To acknowledge the contributions of frontline warriors risking their own lives
daily in this pandemic, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams arranged this
award ceremony.
Shah Nawaz put his hand forward to make arrangement burying the dead bodies
died of coronavirus, free covoravirus test, supplying halal food, conducting free
blood donation and free flu shot program during this pandemic at his own cost
Shah Nawaz is an activist, a silent community developer. His social activities and
developmental works helped every individual and businesses he came across. His
wide-range of experiences of success in social, business, community and family
life has enriched Bangladesh over three decades and now enriching the
communities in America in general, especially the communities of south Asian
immigrants. He has been the pivotal figure in organizing the events for the south
Asians where over hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses got together
and did business transactions of over hundred million dollars each time he

Shah Nawaz, the President of New York Bangladesh Lions Club did many
philanthropic activities and helped people in need. He never wanted to be in the
media and let his friends, acquaintances and associates know of his services and

contributions. Apart from all his personal contributions in helping his friends and
neighbors, Shah Nawaz distributed couple of thousands of glass frames to the
poor and needy glass users in New York, gave away over thousand blankets
during severe winters. He organized blood drives and flu-shot programs through
the NY-Bangladesh Lions Club.
Shah Nawaz, a strong believer of world-wide human rights, have taken several
initiatives to bring justice to the sufferers of Rohingyas of Myanmar and sending
help teams from New York to go and help the victims through several Not-For-
Profits and the Red Crescent in Bangladesh.
Thanking to Broolyn Borough President Eric Adams, Shah Nawaz said, “This
recognition will inspire me abundantly to do better work for the community in
He said, I am very grateful and thankful to the Almighty for making worthy of
getting this award. He is hopeful that he will continue to stand by the community
in any crisis or acts of God.


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