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Serving underprivileged people in the society is prayers to me

Dr. Roksana Akter (Lipi)
A Physician and Cultural Personality

With confidence, talent, and thoughtfulness, all the enterprising women with Bangladeshi roots have gained reputation in the United States. Dr. Roksana Akter is one of them. Through her efforts, she has been able to gain recognition as a successful physician, social worker, and cultural figure. She is a Clinical Research Consultant in Internal Medicine and currently working at Arroyo Research Inc., Alhambra, California. Prior to this, she worked at the Texas Center for Drug Development in Huston, South East Texas Medical Associates in Beaumont, and University of Texas Medical School in Houston, Texas. She has obtained her MBBS degree from Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh.

While studying in medical school, Dr. Roksana was deeply involved with international voluntary organizations such as the Lions and Rotaract Clubs International. As a student of medical science, she has been a member of these organizations and has actively participated in various health care activities, including eye clinics, prevention of childhood diseases, and polio eradication to name a few.

She had a great interest in sports since childhood. She has gained a lot of reputation and awards as an important athlete in college. She was a champion athlete and awarded first prizes in Badminton, sprinting, long jump, and high jump categories. At the same time, she had a strong role in cultural activities. She entertained everyone by participating in song, poetry recitation and debate competitions. Taking part in the debate competition, she has also brought fame for the college.

This dedicated woman, who has advanced thinking, has taken part in social welfare work during her student life. She has also played an important role as an advisor to the Mymensingh National Community Service while in medical school. She has played a pivotal role in various health care activities such as child development, prenatal check-up awareness for pregnant mothers, and maternal health education for malnourished children.

Even after coming to the United States, Dr. Roksana always takes part in volunteer health care activities besides her career responsibilities. She is working in USA as a Clinical Researcher in Internal Medicine. She received a Certificate of Merit in Healthcare from Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Mark & Co. for her outstanding work in Clinical Research. In spite of her professional commitment, she spends a lot of time for volunteer work. She likes to work for non-profit organizations because she thinks that the service of the people who lacks social skills is also a prayer.

Apart from being a distinguished specialist physician and service worker, she is a creative and thoughtful woman. Although she is a doctor by profession, she is also cultural-minded. She is fashion conscious, smart and modern. This beauty-conscious individual is well known in Houston’s fashion world for her smartness, positive attitude, and smiling face. She has participated in many events there, especially fundraising events for women and children. She attended the IACF Fashion Show (Indo-American Charity Foundation) Annual Fundraising Gala in 2019 at India House, Stafford Center, Texas, India-USA Texas Beauty Pageant-2019, Houston, Texas. It is notable that Dr. Roksana has won the gold medal in recognition of Munaari’s classic model in 2019-2020. She was runner-up in the International Beauty category of USA National Beauty Pageant-2019 and runner-up in India Texas International Beauty Contest 2019. She walked on the red carpet at New York Fashion Week 2020. She has appeared in many shows as a model for Munaari.

Dr. Roksana is also a well-known music personality. She has produced many songs with Salman Ashraf, a famous South Asian musician. She also has a reputation for reciting poetry. She is a good voice reader. In other words, she is involved in all genres of sports, music, dance, song, debate, recitation, and art through good performances.

She enjoys working with the Veronica Company’s and Universal Enhance Creators as Junior Ambassador in Houston, Texas, USA. She has been actively engaged in making short films with USA Digital Media Studio, owned by Ramzan Virani in Atlanta.

Dr. Roksana is also the President and one of the partners of United TeleDoc, a Telemedicine Company founded in 2020. She has brightened the image of Bangladesh through her activities.


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