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Savera H. Mahmood

Savera H. Mahmood
Director of Partex Star Group
Director of The City Bank

Sabera H. Mahmood, one of the directors of Partex Star Group Complex-2, is an intelligent and smart woman entrepreneur. Partex Star Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi diversified private sector enterprises. Although she is the director of the company by marital source, she continues to play an important role in all the activities of the company. She is the wife of Aziz Al Mahmood, Managing Director of Partex Star Group Complex-2.
However, some people of the other companies think she is not inactive. She comes to the office regularly and takes part in the activities of the company as well as important decisions. Her role is as memorable as the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s immortal line- “Everything that is great in the world, all the works, beneficial and good, half must be credited to woman, and to man half only” because she is always inspiring Aziz Al Mahmood.
Sabera H. Mahmood herself is an enterprising, intelligent and responsible enough to work. She feels that the bride of an industrial family should not just sit as a housewife– she should take the responsibility of the industrial group. So, she is happily playing the role of director of Complex-2 of Partex Star Group to facilitate the management of the huge Partex empire.
Sabera H. Mahmood is a humble, kind and responsible woman. Outside of her domestic responsibilities, she has contributed her thoughts to the business development, the gradual expansion and growth of this vast industrial empire.
Sabera H. Mahmood, a young woman entrepreneur, thinks that in the 21st century, it is not enough for a conscious woman to just sit at home because most of the women in the country are lagging behind in education. Those who are relatively highly educated and have the opportunity to work should play a role from their respective positions. Only then women will be able to become an economic power. She is associated with various social organizations.
According to the self-confident Sabera H. Mahmood, just as she has had the opportunity to work for Partex Star Group, other industrial groups or businesses should also give opportunities to enterprising women in the family. She also thinks that this will ensure a huge contribution to the economic empowerment of women.
Leading thinker Sabera H. Mahmood believes that women’s education is progressing in the country. Women’s awareness has increased and women are getting self-employment opportunities in various sectors. But still this number is not very high. This rate needs to be increased. She thinks, in order to accelerate the economy of the country, the cooperation of the government is needed to develop women as skilled workforce. Entrepreneurial women in particular should be given the priority to get a low-interest bank loan.

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