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“Saree is the traditional attire of Bengali women on which the true beauty is reflected”

Subarna Khan


Desi Libas

There are many established personalities in abroad who give more prominence to the culture of their own country. In the light of this thinking, they also build up business and trade institutions. Subarna Khan is one of Bangladeshi American personalities. She is an entrepreneurial individual and social worker in the United States of America.
Subarna Khan is an entrepreneur and a social activist in the Bangladesh community, has proved that she truly loves her roots Bangladesh by establishing a Bangladeshi culture-related garment industry ‘Desi Libas’. With her sincerity and compassion, she is giving Bangladeshi sarees a popular look in the USA as well. She has founded ‘Desi Libas’ in Georgia in 2015. Through this firm, she is representing Bangladesh and the Saree industry of this locality. It has presented the image of Bangladesh culture to the new generation.

Subarna Khan has earned an image there with her formality in various formal and domestic occasions including wedding ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, and wedding anniverSareees. Especially in international level events like FOBANA, her ‘desi dress’ brings a splendid Bangladesh there. At her Desi Libas, there is full of various colors and beauty. This is a unique presentation of a cheerful mood that attracts not only Bangladeshi Americans but also foreigners. Desi Libas brings more cultural wear for the community as well as supplies outfits and accessories throughout the USA.
She thinks, she is trying to promote Bangaliana among the new generation who were born in America and did not get a chance to visit Bangladesh. She believes, “Saree is the original and basic dress of Bengali women. The beauty of Bengali women only reflects on Saree.”
She has a great contribution organizing various cultural events so that Bengali women can fly like butterflies wearing colorful Sarees.
Subarna Khan runs Desi Libas, an online business, by which she used to sell a variety of attractive Sarees, shirts, jewelery all over America. She had to put a lot of hard work and sacrifices in doing this work. She had to stir the minds of Bangladeshi-American women. Today, she thinks that her initiative and hard work have succeeded.
In order to establish ‘Desi Libas’, she had to build close relation with Bangladeshi producers and Bengali women in different parts of the world as well as entrepreneurial businessmen of different countries. Desi Libas is now a successful business organization which is establishing Bangladesh worldwide. She is closely associated with FOBANA. Similarly, she is one of the leading leaders of Georgia Bangladeshi Committee of BAAG.
She is not only involved in business and trade but also working to institutionalize Bangladeshi culture. She has been working in the United States and Bangladesh to help the needy and helpless people.
She is inundated with the current trend of economic development in Bangladesh. She thinks, “If corruption stops in Bangladesh, our country will improve faster.”



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