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Born in 1992 to parents Kamal Pasha and home maker Nasrin Akhter, Samir Pasha was brought up with the intention to tackle the reins of his father’s empire, the Pasha Group since he is the eldest out of three children. He is a Mastermind Alumnus. After completing his A-Levels he travelled to United Kingdom to commence his LLB degree from University of London. He returned equipped with an LLB degree in 2015 and joined his father’s company as an intern. After a year of hard work to prove himself he joined as a Director of the company in 2016. Currently he is enrolled in an MBA program which he felt the need to complete with relation to his work.
The Pasha Group, formed in 1984, mainly focused on Poll fittings of the power sector till Samir Pasha joined. Later he helped the company venture into building Transformers back in 2017. As we know Power generation works in three tiers– power generation, power transmission and power distribution. According to Samir Pasha, Bangladesh is currently generating more power than it needs which is visible from the aspect of much less load sheddings than the previous years. Load sheddings happen generally due to comparatively less power production than the increasing demand. Other causes of this serious issue are the illegal connection and misuse of electricity. The Government has been able to tackle these issues well in the last decade or so but the Transmission phase of Power Generation is yet to be sorted out in order to strengthen the Power Sector. The hassles related to Transmission are the use of old towers and land scarcity. Bureaucratic hurdles are the main hindrance in this sector says Samir Pasha.
There is a huge export potential in this sector. Africa and Sri Lanka can be potential export destinations in the future predicts Pasha. In this regard he mentions the ‘Bond License’ as a major obstacle which the government needs to solve as soon as possible or else this sector will face a major downfall. Light Engineering must be made export friendly.
Entrepreneurs involved in the Power sector needs to be relieved of the ‘Bond License’ fees that is a huge amount which investors cannot cope to leave at the hands of others. This money which although is refunded takes more than a year to get back. Once this problem is solved there will be more people interested to invest in the power sector, Pasha opined.
Pasha Electro Industries Ltd. is one of the largest and reputed Electric Line Hardware & Connector manufacturer in the engineering industry in Bangladesh with a pioneer and leader of quality and innovation in the engineering industry in Bangladesh who has an average 30 years of experience in manufacturing & Supplying electrical power equipment for both domestic and international use.
Pasha Electro Industries Limited’s journey began in early 2002.
Pasha Electro Industries Ltd has been set up with the main objective of production of Line Hardware, Line Connector and Sub-Station Hardware & Connector. Pasha Electro Industries Ltd. has developed numerous new products for specific needs of customer made with extreme precision using the best materials and best designs. They have operated a quality system & set up complete system in engineering, manufacturing, quality control & delivery.
They maintain well reputed test laboratories report issued/certified by BREB & received ISO 9001-2008 Certification.
Pasha Poles Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) poles in Bangladesh which is used in overhead transmission and distribution line all over the world. We maintain high standard and innovative manufacturing technology to create Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pole by combining the benefits of spinning and pre-stressing for high density, low weight and the higher strength to weight ratio and special care is taken at each step of the process to ensure high quality product as well as long term durability in even the harshest environment and all the works is endowed with all the necessary infrastructural facilities including water, power, transport, communication, labour supply, basic raw materials and market etc.
Our innovative and high standard manufacturing technology to turn the idea into a revolutionary new product for today’s poles industry which helps Rural Electrification Board(REB), Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB), Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO) and other concerned authorities in their electrification activities in Bangladesh.
Pasha Poles Limited’s journey began in early 2013.
Universal Power Ltd., a quality manufacturer of Electricity Meters in Bangladesh was established in 2003. The industry owes its origin to the technical collaboration of Hexing Electricals, a top ranking meter producer in China.
The company started its journey by manufacturing and supplying Electro mechanical Meters, Type UP-01, in the local markets of Bangladesh to meet the need of the consumers of BPDB, DPDC, BREB & DESCO.
In 2008, the Industry introduced high precision Electronic/Static Meter, type UP-02 and 3-phase Electronic/Static Meter to meet the challenging demand of the Government towards reduction of system loss. These meters go through a very systematic quality control and performance tests as per IEC standards.
Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute (BSTI) controls the total quality parameters of a standard consumer meter, which Universal Meters comply without any failure.
Universal Power Ltd. is actively considering to involve itself to the ultimate introduction of the Pre Payment Meters, in every house hold of Bangladesh, as the master plan of the Government. to bring the system loss to the minimum level, as acceptable internationally.

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