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Bangladesh is a Country of Huge Potential

Salman Amin Khan
A world-renowned educator
Founder, Khan Aademy


According to Time magazine’s survey of the world’s enlightened people who have been able to make it to the list of the most influential people in the world, it is natural for any Bangladeshi to have a wave of pride in his mind if he is born in Bangladesh. Surely you want to know who is the star personality, who has been featured on the cover of Forbes magazine. He is the founder of Khan Academy, a Bangladeshi-American online educational website based in the United States. Billions of people across the world are now getting the light of education. Through his academy, people can know the unknown. They are also getting successes in workplace. They are easily getting science based education.
Salman Amin Khan, now known as Sal Khan for short, is a world-renowned scholar whose philosophy is “free world-class education for all everywhere”. When that man is a son of Bangladeshi descent, Bangladesh also became proud of his identity. In his recognition, a wave of joy rises in every Bangladeshi’s mind.
CNN headlined him as “Innovation in Education” and “Bill Gates’ Favorite Teacher.” And Forbes wrote about him ‘one man, one computer and ten million students. Again, many media say that he is the most important teacher in the world. People can get the answers to all the complex questions of science, including the solution of all kinds of complex mathematics.
Salman amin Khan used to teach his cousins through Yahoo Doodle images on the internet in early 2004. Seeing the type of his lectures, others also showed interest in reading to him. His interest in teaching others also fascinated him and gave him a kind of self-confidence and aspiration. The idea is how you can teach all the students from all over the world at home. All the complex problems of the world can be solved by mathematical formulas. Sal Khan’s journey started from such a great thought. Salman Amin Khan has launched an online educational website called Khan Academy with the slogan ‘Free world-class education for all everywhere’ where he continues to upload the complex math and science complex issues, problems and answers to the questions in front of the camera on the website of the academy.
The new technology-based education revolution began. Khan Academy is a new school which soon became a world center of learning. So far, about 1 billion lessons have been uploaded to the Khan Academy album through 6,500 videos, with about 40 million students and two million teachers taking lessons as per their needs every month. At the beginning, the content of Khan Academy was published only in English, but now it is being published in Bengali, English, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Hindi. At the same time, the translation is in 36 languages including Persian, Arabic, German, Polish, Korean. In the case of education, this is a different achievement, a unique surprise!
The main feature of this institution is that they do not only make their lessons for the students, anyone can take lessons from there. Talented teachers in different countries of the world are also getting the opportunity to turn themselves into more alert and talented teachers by taking the lessons they need from there. Khan Academy’s album is open to everyone. What you want to know depends on the need. Even Khan Academy can be informed about any problem in an educated form. In a very short time, Khan Academy gives the desired solution.
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. It has about 105 skilled workers who are constantly working to educate the world in timely, modern, science and mathematics education. Since the purpose of their academy is not to make a profit, Khan Academy has so far spent about 4 million more than its income. Evaluating the fact that he is playing a leading role in educating and enlightening the world. Some international standard institutions are giving large grants to this academy. Google has donated 2 million, AT&T has donated 2.25 million, and Ireland-based organizations have donated 2.25 million, Sullivan Foundation provided 5 million in grants, and the US Department of Education provided 2.2 million as assistance.
Salman Amin Khan, a visionary science-minded academic of the time, was also a brilliant student. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering from reputed educational institutions like MIT. He later obtained a master’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering from there. This world teacher has an MBA from Harvard Business School. In this way, he has developed himself academically. At the end of his studies, he first thought of a job and joined an organization called Park. He started his career as an analyst there. But while doing virtual teaching for his cousins, he realized that he has wide acceptance as a teacher. He thought that there is an opportunity to do institutional service through work but there is an opportunity to do service in education. This timely decision of his has made him a talented and happy world teacher today. He was named one of the most influential people in the world in a 2012 Time Magazine poll. He has already won world-renowned awards such as Heinz Award in recognition of his work. His organization, Khan Academy, has also won many international awards, including the Microsoft Tech Award.
It is mentionable that Salman Amin Khan’s father Fakhrul Amin Khan comes from Barisal. This young man is close to the roots of Bangladesh and believes that the more people of the world are enlightened with education, the development trend will be more dynamic. According to him, in order to take Bangladesh forward, it is necessary to establish a corruption-free administrative system as well as take planned initiatives. He says, Bangladesh is a country of huge potential.


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