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Looking For Opportunities In Bangladesh

Salim Reza
Salim Reza Real Estate

Salim Reza an accomplished and successful businessman, hailing from Haathazari Chottogram Bangladesh, is also an Investor to several businesses. In 1981 Salim Reza had started working for Salam Studio as a Custom & Logistics Executive after reaching Abu Dhabi in UAE. Reza had travelled to UAE only for a casual exploring in 1980 but it seems destiny had a different plan for him. It was then that he was chosen by the owner of Salam Studio to work for them realizing his potential and sincerity. He continued there diligently for 32 years till his retirement in 2013.
The company is a known leading brand conglomerate that held multiple franchises of famous global companies. He was also a part of the Exporting goods market to Biman Bangladesh airlines.
Salim Reza says, “The company acknowledged my hard work, honesty, dedication and my capacity to take on more responsibilities and allowed me to grow within the organization. Later in the years, I mastered my skills in the job and managed a major part of logistics of the Salam Group’s business,”.
Salim Reza had also received awards, on behalf of Salam studio, from Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem (Chairman of DP World) and Ahmed Butti Ahmed (Director- General of Dubai Customs) for being one of the organization’s best clients.
In addition, while he was working for Salam Studio, he also decided to take up interest in real estate business in the form of renting out apartments /villas for extra income. “While working for Salam Group diligently, there was enough time and space to allow me to expand my own business,” recalled Reza.
Salim Reza gradually dived into the business realm comprehending the possibilities in UAE. After retiring from Salam Studio, he initiated his first business and named it Salim Reza Real Estate. He is an investor who deals in prospective properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. His business endeavors mushroomed to Al Bait Chittagong General Trading LLC, Le Bake House and Al Bait Trade International with the flow of time. Currently he is the Managing Director of Al bait Chittagong General Trading LLC in UAE. He named his business in remembrance to his homeland Chittagong. Le Bake House and Al Bait Trade International are located in Bangladesh. He is the Director of Le Bake House and Managing Director of Al Bait Trade International, Chittagong. Le Bake House is trying to meet all aspects of a customers’ needs without compromising on quality or taste and introduce the flavors of the world for the first time in Chittagong. Le Bake House is also awaiting a branch in Dhaka and Sylhet very soon. Currently Le Bake House is operating on a trial basis going through their test phase only with the aim to ensure premium quality cakes to the Bangladeshi clientele. Le Bake House is aiming to become the one stop shop for all bakery needs in Bangladesh. In order to strengthen their roots Le Bake House started off with their tasting program coordinating with all the connoisseurs of Bangladesh.
An aspiring, professional and goal oriented Bangladeshi born man that he is leaves proof of his good education and upbringing as a child. He was taught the value of time and honesty and followed these meticulously to get to where he is today.
He is currently working to increase industrial chemical products to the market share of Bangladesh merchandise.
Salim Reza has travelled extensively as a hobby. He has put his footprint on Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada and USA but feels at home only in UAE. He says, “Ive found my other home in UAE,” and terms it as a business friendly Mega city. He recalls the numerous opportunities he got to settle else where in the world but refrained from doing so only because he understood the warmth and hospitality of the people of UAE.
Salim Reza hasn’t forgotten his homeland despite his ever growing affection for UAE. He is busy these days formulating how to connect with Bangladesh through trade as a way to give back to his homeland. His trade wing is continuously exploring ways to involve Bangladesh with UAE. He is looking for opportunities to invest in Bangladesh as a means to uplift the county. He hopes Bangladesh will utilize all NRBs as a tool to reach the Vision 2041.
Salim Reza is happily married and has been blessed with a son and a daughter. His son is currently studying in Malaysia and his daughter is planning on completing her Masters from either UK or Australia.


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