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Rudmeela Nawsheen Aims To Build A Manufacturing Plant In Bangladesh For Smart Devices And Robots

Rudmeela Nawsheen
Founder and CEO
ConfigVR and ConfigRbot based in Silicon Valley

When engineering is a field that is barely explored by women, Rudmeela Nawsheen, a Bangladeshi tech entrepreneur who is founder and CEO of ConfigVR and ConfigRbot based in Silicon Valley, California, dared to dream of a career in electrical engineering – a STEM field that seldom sees women succeed.
Rudmeela went to the US for her undergraduate studies. She did her undergrad in Electrical Engineering and master’s in digital communication and Multimedia achieving Summa Cum Laude. While one taught her how to create, the other taught her the mechanism to make it work. Being proficient in both software and hardware made her the master of her own to accomplish things at will.
Rudmeela’s father Fazle Selim was a famous businessman and founder of Ranks IIT Limited. In his office, there used to be a map hanging on the wall with logos of all the big companies based in Silicon Valley, California. Rudmeela frequently visited the office and would stare at the map and take a trip to her imagination to find out the logo of her own company on that map.Those short journeys to the world of imagination became the girl’s life-long dream as she now owns two companies at the heart of the tech capital of the world Silicon Valley. She is also director of Ranks ITT, Ranks Tel and Ranks Petroleum (Shell Lubricants) from a very young age.
“My parents paved the way for my success. I owe both of my companies to their guidance” Rudmeela said.
Rudmeela launched ConfigVR 2016, her first company in Silicon Valley with her own savings. She recently launched her second company ConfigRbot with four robots, two Internet of things (IoT) devices and 6 software/management solutions and tools. She is adding more exciting products and solutions to her company soon.
Her ventures explore the robotics, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, AR/VR/MR, game development, virtual tours, animation, management tools, and content industry.
Rudmeela said, “ConfigVR’s mission is to virtualize your vision whereas ConfigRbot’s mission is to build and automate the future. With the current pandemic situation as mostly everything is shifting online, I see huge scope for the different services we provide. We have built a chatbot and a robot specifically for Covid-19 for the healthcare industry.”
Rudmeela’s aim is to build a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh to start producing smart devices and robots locally within the next few years.
She wants to promote business developments between the US and Bangladesh by utilizing her global professional network. Her teams are trinational – based in the US, Europe and Bangladesh.Her ventures are out and out good news for Bangladesh. The country’s potential to become a global tech hub could be enhanced by such initiative that is devoted to promoting its origin. No doubt Bangladesh will sooner or later start producing high-tech devices and components as per the Industry 4.0 demand. But Rudmeela believes that talent should be the foremost priority. If the country can produce trained and skilled youths, high tech manufacturing will naturally flow in.
Rudmeela, a globetrotter, loves the Bengali culture. She is a classical dancer and used to play piano, Tanpura, and harmonium. She is also head of production at a media company and plan to promote Bengali content on global platforms. Her vision is to promote Bangladeshi content such as movies, animation, documentaries, web series, etc. on Netflix and Amazon Prime. “As I have strong professional connections with these streaming platforms and also with the Bangladesh media industry, I want to leverage that as an opportunity to build a bridge between the two countries.”
“I am also actively working with different NGO’s and the government to build training programs for rural areas, underprivileged and handicapped youth,” said Rudmeela.
“We are already stepping up to the world stage with skilled tech labor. We should keep our focus on quality and innovation and carry the momentum forward.”
I think the youth today are quite tech-savvy, she said, adding thatwith the internet, everyone is learning something new every day.
She also strongly urges the Bangladeshi youths to pursue degrees in the technical fields if they are passionate about it.
Rudmeela’s dream is not just running a successful tech company but to do something for her motherland. She believes, staying abroad has made her feel patriotism more keenly. So, Bangladesh now forms a larger picture on the canvas of her dream. With both her companies she aims to promote business development between Bangladesh and US.


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