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Ruba Ahmed
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Ruba Ahmed is one of the female entrepreneurs who have been able to strengthen women’s position in the country. This very enterprising entrepreneur is the Chairman of Elegant Group, a notable top industrial trade group in the country and the co-founder of Abinta Kabir Foundation. Elegant Group is a leading business conglomerate in the garment sector of Bangladesh, which has a role in earning foreign exchange through exports. The group also has other economic services that not only enrich the group’s business but also develop the country’s economy.
Bangladesh as a developing country is plagued with various problems. Due to various limitations of the government of this country, many social welfare activities are conducted through private initiatives. Many organizations support the common people of the country in various ways. Abinta Kabir Foundation is a such kind of organization which is working to inspire and empower the underprivileged to live a life of dignity through holistic Education and care for orphans and senior citizens. The foundation continues to make significant contributions to social and financial well-being by creating awareness about social degradation, including special initiatives for the education of backward girls. The foundation is making them qualified through modern education and training.
Though Ruba Ahmed was born in a wealthy family she never indulged in luxuries. Ruba Ahmed has grown up in ethics since childhood. The rules of living a sufficiently disciplined life are adhered to. She thinks that if one wants to grow up, he/she has to be disciplined and sincere in his/her work. Without discipline, no nation can achieve development goals with knowledge only.
Ruba Ahmed, a meritorious student since her childhood, has a master’s degree in management from Dhaka University. She grew up in the environmental conditions of this society but was quite advanced in thought consciousness. She has learned a lot from the society and has constantly created herself by improving her cultural consciousness. She thinks that if a person does not have a forward thinking and development culture in the family or society, they cannot move forward and cannot reach the desired goal. Although she grew up in this ordinary society, she has assimilated the values of progressive life very firmly.
After receiving higher education, this entrepreneurial personality started her career as a teacher while in exile. As a teacher, she was out of the ordinary. She thinks that education is to awaken the consciousness of knowledge and its surroundings among others. And if you want to do it, you have to do it with affection, love and concentration. For this, orderly life, moral discipline, morality and consistency of legality are very important.
According to her, if boys and girls are educated with moral education, then the future generation of the country will be free from corruption. They will be people with welfare concerns. They themselves will take the society forward with ease. She says, many people in this country are educated but not well-educated. As a result, a large section of educated people continue to commit corruption and irregularities from various positions at the government and private levels. For them, personal interests and pleasures are the big issue, not the state or society. Ruba Ahmed, a visionary and a believer in morality, thinks that if one is well- educated, it is not possible for him to be unjust or corrupt.
Returning back to the country, she became involved in her family business. She was able to bring the Elegant Group to the next level in a very short period of time by dint of her discipline, development spirit, human welfare attitude and above all the qualities of an efficient leadership. She is known for her honesty because it reflects her actions. Through her forward-thinking and skilled leadership, she has become able to make radical change among her colleagues. In this way, she has built her career as a successful entrepreneur and leader. Ruba Ahmed has created one of the best examples of women’s empowerment in the RMG sector.
Her perseverance, honesty, development thinking and strength of ethics have set a unique example for women entrepreneurs in the country. Under her able leadership, Abinta Kabir Foundation has been working for the betterment of the society. Besides, she is also working to achieve business success for Elegant Group.

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