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Robin Razon Sakhawat

Robin Razon Sakhawat
Director, Robintex Group
Managing Director, Comptex (BD) Ltd.

Robintex Group is very much particular about some of the basics in its deliberate endeavor of being innovative, and it is actually about a successful blending of western and oriental best of industrial aspects. Having direct national heritage from both of Bangladesh and Germany, Robintex knows well, on one hand, that Bangladesh has huge workforce contingent rich in craftsmanship, its economy is thriving for economic growth thru export oriented industry, and, since history, this country has been showing its epic potential in textiles & clothing, while, on the other, it is also aware that Germany has the mastering technologies to dominate the global textile & apparel industry and it has the ultimate knowledge in the world trade in the same stuff as one of the worlds best marketing destinations of its kind.
Robintex puts all those strengths together. It also makes use of the selected cutting edge technologies and expertise from other nations champion in this industry. And thus, it has very successfully strategized to benefit itself and the worldwide apparel traders and consumers by offering knitwear ensuring height of quality, maintaining delivery schedule most professionally, and, on top, contending for the price leadership which would be the most competitive in this region or, probably, in the entire world. Indicators of our continued business growth and investment increase will tell about our success which we have shared so far with our trade partners around the globe.
Some of the leading and highly acclaimed global sources for reliable business news and financial information have reported that Bangladesh, as socioeconomically and naturally poised, will emerge as one of the top two contenders for leading the apparel supply in the international market within just half a decade from now. History suggests this industry needs decades together to change the leading positions. Certainly, this is the emerging industrial prospect of Bangladesh, and Robintex is committed to remaining in the forefront of this journey. All the way, with appropriate technological profile and costing efficiency programs, it will dedicate itself to keep on sharing its success with the global communities engaged in the world trade in textiles & clothing for many years yet to come.
For our valued clients, however, I would like to put on record with immense confidence that they will love the total benefit we offer in the tangible package of knitwear manufacturing and exporting.
Yes, we Robintex truly believe we and all of our trade partners will benefit from the unique and innovative industrial merits which we have been developing over time as the one and only German-Bangla Multinational in the entire garment industry of Bangladesh.

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