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Rashnat Tarin Rahman

Rashnat Tarin Rahman
Director, Toma Group
Managing Director, Toma Properties Ltd.

Being a builder is not just about putting up concrete structures, collecting money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers. Rather, It is about shouldering a much larger social responsibility where in a person’s life earnings are at stake for a shelter of his dreams or a commercial base to flourish and creating more opportunities to engage our honorable clients in the field of real estate.
Toma Properties Ltd. takes great pride in everything that they do and the projects they have delivered are proud examples of what can be achieved when brilliant minds come together, determined to make a difference in the world.
The Real Estate sector is also experiencing significant changes. ‘Professionalism’ is the key word for success now a days and in the years to come only those companies which have a total commitment to this sector will thrive. We at Toma Properties Ltd. are determined to play a leading role in the development of the Real Estate sector in the twenty-first century. We have worked towards building a strong foundation and establishing a professional corporate identity for our company. Today, in the field of Real Estate Development, Toma Properties Ltd. is a recognized leader; respected for its achievements, professional ethics and innovative concepts.
Our corporate philosophy is however based on a very simple principle– ‘Leadership With Excellence’. To this end, we are constantly working towards upgrading and improving every aspect of our activity.
Our vision is to constantly set challenging goals for ourselves. We will continue to expand and diversify and be an example of a progressive company playing a dynamic role in the economic development of Bangladesh.
Rashnat Tarin Rahman is the nominated Director of Toma Construction & Co Ltd. in the Board of Meridian Finance and Investment Ltd.
Toma Construction & Co Ltd is the flagship company of Toma Group, a leading & successful conglomerate comprising of Toma Properties Ltd, Toma Concrete Ltd, Toma Taxi Cab Services, Toma Auto Workshop, Toma LPG Services, Vatican Properties Ltd, Rakib International Ltd, Toma Ready-mix Concrete Ltd, and Dhaka Bricks Ltd.
Being a core member, Rashnat Tarin Rahman leads business activities to achieve short term and long term goals of the conglomerate. She has always been the key inspirer to uphold corporate values and moral with a strong footing with her profound knowledge and business acumen. She also earned respect with her social activities for the poor and distreseds in time of needs through charity and humanitarian welfare for the benefits of underprivileged families of the society. She obtained her Masters in Medical Science (MBBS) from Noakhali Medical College.

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