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Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury

Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury
Managing Director
Wega Zone Ltd

Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury is one of those young and visionary entrepreneurs who achieve their dream with their merit, hard work and determination of goal. Over 20 Years of Experience in media communication, Export/import, introducing luxuries franchise hotels and cafes to find better and taste better which make our country well-known to all over the world. His unique professional experience stems from years of providing excellent customer support, Creative problem solving and build customer loyalty.
His business ideas have made people to choose the comfort (By Chowdhury Garments), To get proper information (By Radio Dhoni), To taste better (By Pocket Cafe and Restaurant) and feel the luxury (By Hotels)
As a director of Chowdhury Garments, he deals to Choose the specifications of the company’s services. He is concern to assure 100% export- Garments material with monitoring total Correspondence with foreign buyers’ production and shipment. Chowdhury Garments Ltd. is one of its kind, is a 100% export oriented sweater garments. With more than 3000 people working here, this factory is proudly contributing to the nation by exporting to 25 countries worldwide utilizing state-of-the-art 400 automated machine lineup.
He introduced Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM the news-based Radio station in Bangladesh. The channel has been delivering neutral news and also creating opportunities for many to work and gather experience. Radio Dhoni is being one of the prominent stations in Bangladesh to play a big role in media. Also, an expert in this sector they have been successful in sports news and entertainment.
He built a team to change the way of advertisement through Wega Zone Ltd. Introduce the possible unique ways to help customers to advertise their product. Wega Zone Ltd. was established in 2002, has its primary focus on sports marketing and entertainment. The company previously operated a popular pool club in Baily Road, Dhaka now expanded into advertisement business specially in sports. Apart from that, Wega Zone became the leading LED road signage advertiser company having its LED billboards located inside the Dhaka City Corporation area, mostly in Gulshan, Kakrail, etc.
He introduces country’s one of the most renowned brand involved in (Real estate business). Along with its current property development endeavor, the organization has also promoted itself in establishing hotel chains of world’s some of the most popular franchisee brands. Currently along with other projects, it has completed 5 real estate projects inside Dhaka city.
One of Chowdhury’s recent franchisee hotel projects is, Best Western Plus Maya, a 4-star hotel which is now in pre-opening stage. Located at Nikunja 2, near Hazrat Shahjalal Intl’ Airport.
To taste best tea in town he has introduced CHAI GARAM (pocket café)from India and has dreams of serving 25 different places to serve the tea to the people and already chai garam has successfully covered some demand areas.He also brings (FerziCafé) which is the World-famous restaurant and also starting their first ever business in Bangladesh with maya Corporation
He has been elected as Secretary of POAB in the year 2015 and has successfully accomplished the responsibility given to him.
He has been elected as FBCCI Director in 2017. Attending business meeting and finding solutions to current problems and representing Bangladesh around the world through business delegation meetings and seminars was his responsibility.
From young age Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury always dreamed of a better Bangladesh. He is encouraged by his father Mofazzel Hosssain Chowdhury who has served the people of Bangladesh for a long time. Currently, Chowdhury is appointed as the Assistant Secretary of Trade & Commerce Subcommittee of Bangladesh Awami League- the popular and leading political party of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Awami League also runs as the current elected Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


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