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Rakibul Karim Khan Pappu

Rakibul Karim Khan Pappu
Oriental Real Estate Limited

Rakibul Karim Khan is the Director of Oriental Real Estate Limited. The journey of Oriental Real Estate Limited began in 1988. Due to its full professionalism, experienced expertise, and good design variations Oriental Real Estate Limited has attracted the attention of land owners very quickly. Oriental Real Estate Limited is traditional in housing sector and a modernized developing company. Due to creative initiatives, Oriental has made its name very quickly in the real estate sector. The director of the company Rakibul Karim Khan has always tried to uphold the fame of the company. He is known as a dynamic initiator. His father is late Amjad Ali Khan; he was a renowned businessman in real estate sector.
The main problem in real estate and housing sector now is the lack of professionalism. Companies are growing like mushrooms but their creativity is not. Due to the lack of experience, many so-called companies are not able to handover a project on time or are able to show creativity. Oriental Real Estate Company is different from all those. On the contrary, this is the only company that has started with adequate investment and does not rely on customer’s money to finish and deliver a project.
Due to a combination of international quality, creativity, originality and farsightedness, this company has captured the heart of many customers in the real estate sector.
Oriental always starts its projects with full professionalism and adequate planning. It has home building plans for all types of customers.
A company’s overall vision and expertise are exposed by its presentation style. Oriental has various design styles. That is why in whole real estate, the projects of Oriental are viewed differently with unique style. Also they are keeping any similarities between two buildings. Every creation is different and unique. Oriental has combined a number of architects and design houses so that they can unify the local and foreign culture in their designs. Every project of Oriental is really unique and eye catching due to this kind of initiative. As a result ‘Oriental’ is emerging as a really attractive brand.
Oriental has 34 completed projects only in Dhanmondi. Also, they have completed 7 in Gulshan, 3 in Banani, 3 in Uttara, 3 in Poribagh, 2 in Moghbazar and Purana Paltan, 1 in Karwan Bazar and Mirpur. The total completed projects are 69. In Dhanmondi, the completed projects are- Oriental Nest, Oriental Aleya, Oriental Ananna, Dhanmondi Apartment, Oriental Ongona, Oriental Harmony, Oriental Castle, Oriental Lake Point, Oriental Villa Nova, Oriental Lotus, Oriental Palace, Oriental Panthonir, Oriental Mayflower, Oriental Prantik, Oriental Prantik-1, Oriental Prantik-2, Oriental Real Estate Limited Oriental Moon, Oriental Dream, Oriental Bonanza, Oriental Lake Resort, Oriental Nehar, Oriental Nirala House, Oriental Cascade and Oriental Kashbon. In Gulshan they have completed- Oriental Gulshan Apartments, Oriental Arcadia, Oriental Orchard, Oriental Porisor and Oriental Sunshine. In Banani they have Oriental Plaza, Oriental Obonti, Oriental Peninsula. In Uttara they have Oriental Cottage and Oriental Uttora. In Poribagh they have Oriental Vhaduri Tower, Oriental Poribagh Apartments, Oriental Tower-1, Oriental Tower -2.
Management is very important for success and popularity. In this instance Oriental Real Estate Limited has started their journey with a number of talented and experienced Engineers and Architects and has been able to continue their strong and timely management.
And in this short span of time, the person who has played the leading role in transforming Oriental Real Estate Limited into a reliable and popular brand, is the Director of Oriental Real Estate Limited, Rakibul Karim Khan.

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