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Rahnuma Ahsan

Rahnuma Ahsan
Managing Director
AG Agro Foods Limited

Rahnuma Ahsan is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who joined ‘Ahsan Group’ in 2015. With an Undergraduate Degree from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka and a Master’s Degree from University of Manchester, Rahnuma Ahsan has been a source of innovation and young leadership in the company.
She is the Managing Director of AG Agro Foods Limited and AG Plastics and Accessories Limited. Under her leadership these two up and coming subsidiaries of Ahsan Group is thriving to become industry leaders.
AG Agro Foods Limited started its operation in 2015. Since its inception, the company has always followed one motto : ‘To always provide the best quality products to its customers’. In light of this goal the company has persevered in maintaining product quality and coming up with new and innovative products that would enrich consumer health and well-being. The company is most known for its processed chicken which goes by the brand name of ‘Green Chicken’. Green Chicken is premium quality halal processed whole chicken and its parts which is MBM free and Antibiotic-free that is both safe and healthy for consumers.
In order to achieve the high-quality standards the whole Farm to Fork process is done in-house. The chicken comes from the company’s own controlled farms (AG Broiler Limited) and is fed special feed which is produced in the company’s own Feed mill (AG Agro Industries Limited) and the processing is also done in AG Agro Food’s own Processing Plant with contemporary automated European machineries under strict quality control as per international standards.
Apart from that AG Agro Foods Limited also has a Further Process unit which produces high quality frozen chicken products like nuggets, sausages, meat balls, burger patty, marinated chicken parts and ethnic products like paratha, singara, samosa, spring roll from halal Green Chicken meat to meet the demands of consumers in respect of health and food safety. Recently, the company has also started to leave a mark in the international market with a growth in its Export sector under the leadership of Rahnuma Ahsan. The company is rapidly becoming a household name both in Bangladesh and the International market.
Rahnuma Ahsan is not only an asset to the company but the whole Ahsan Group as she brings in a fresh outlook to old business practices, she believes that change is a good thing and moving with the market trend is important in order to survive in the industry where every day the competition is becoming more and more difficult. But she firmly believes that a company cannot grow on its own and that all the respective stakeholders involved in the business from suppliers to employees to the end customers should all be looked after as a family for future growth and prosperity. In her own words: “Leading a Food company comes with more challenges than one can see with their own eyes. Customers are trusting me to provide good quality products hence, my whole team and I work night and day to never compromise on quality and to always provide safe and healthy products.”
Apart from her role in AG Agro Food Limited as Managing Ditrector, Ms. Rahnuma Ahsan is also the Director of AG Poly and Fiber Industries Limited., “Dhaka Bangla Media & Communication Ltd” (DBC), and iPay Systems Ltd. She was also elected the Chairman of South Asia Insurance Company Ltd. in their 94th Board Meeting.
She is an avid learner and envisions to follow in the footsteps of the Chairman of Ahsan Group, Shahidul Ahsan and lead Ahsan Group in the future.

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