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Engr. Rafiqul Islam A Man With A Vision Specialized In Green Technology Industrial Solution.

Rafiqul Islam
Chairman and Managing Director
Bizcon International Inc
Engineering and Consulting Green
Technology Solution Toronto, Canada

Rafiqul Islam got admitted to BUET in 1970 aspiring to become an Engineer. The Golden year of our history as the winner of the majority party in national election under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman opened the door of ending the suppression of the West. History watched the different story, a blood shed by millions to liberate the country from the aggression of the West. Islam joined the Liberation War under the sub sector-9 commander Major Ziauddin Ahmed in Pirojpur. He trained as Guerilla Fighter and participated in a number of missions to resist Occupying forces from atrocities in south Bengal.
Bangladesh positioned in Global map in December 16, 1971. Islam concentrated and devoted himself to education as a budding engineer. During the final year at BUET in 1975 a terrible thing happened, the brutal killing and carnage on August 15 shocked him mentally and emotionally like millions. Terrified to watch the Military Juntas rule and their attitudes to undermine the spirit of Liberation Wars.
Mr Islam soon realized that this Military Juntas will categorially destroy democracy, human rights and good governance in time. He had to take bold decision to leave the country with first opportunity and raise voice from outside.
He received a job offer from C. Ito Corp of Japan for their overseas Power Station and Desalination project as Project Engineer in the year 1978. After successfully completing the tenure he got admitted to a Canadian University for Post-Graduation in Manufacturing and Management. After successfully completing education he opted to settle in Canada along with his family and raise their kids in a society where the value of human rights and multi culture social fabrics was respected.
Rafiqul Islam served as a senior Techno Management position over 25 years in Thermal Power Stations, Cement Manufacturing Industries, Municipal Water Management on environmental impact, Lean manufacturing in a Solar Power panel productions and Installation team.
In the year 2013 Mr. Islam registered his own Company in Canada as an Engineering and Consulting firm specialized in Green Technology Solutions. He mobilized respective resource person from Canada, USA, UK and China to build his team. His company accomplished consultancy service Eco Friendly Lean Manufacturing process for number of manufacturing companies and safe drinking water home solution and Commercial implementation of Micro Fit Solar Power as Green Energy in Canada and Overseas.
Mr. Islam realized thatthe necessity and obligation to give back to Bangladesh as his native country from his education, knowledge and experience gathered in the Western Hemisphere in Green Technology. He has been exploring all possibilities in Bangladesh since the year 2018.
He launched his GO GREEN BANGLADESH a noble initiative to serve his native country in the Eco-Friendly Industrial Products, Green Energy and Rain Water harvesting for recycled to the process.
Mr. Islam and his team along with his international Technology Partners from Germany, Japan and China is now engaged with a renowned Industrial Group in Bangladesh at their site in Manikganj, Dhaka for the first ever construction of a Total Green Products, Green Energy and Rainwater harvesting industry.
AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) best known as Eco Block to replace traditional clay based red bricks identified world environmental watch, UNDP as the major cause of destruction of our limited fertile land and the largest contributor of air pollution from brick kilns. Bangladesh ranked bottom three country as AQI index as most polluted country. Mr. Islam is implementing AAC Technology in Bangladesh.
Three more similar projects are under pipe lines around Dhaka under Islam Consulting company and many more is coming soon. Those projects will save 100,000.00 Cu M of Fertile Top Soils from our country which are regularly destroyed by traditional Red Clay Bricks Fields. The projects will reduce air pollution by dirty coal and wood burning brick kilns significantly for environmental green solutions.
“May Allah blessus to save our precious land, breathe clean air for our future generations”, is Mr.Islam’s prayer from the heart and mind”
Mr. Islam continued his quest for knowledge to enrich himself and to serve others through obtaining a Certificate in “Challenges in Entrepreneurships in Emerging Economy” from Harvard Business School, USA, Certificate from SAP Germany as Business Inteligent and Data analysis in ERP systems and Microsoft Certified Engineer by Microsoft Inc. USA.
His service excellence recognitions include Marubini Corp of Japan by CEO, Japan Power by Chairman JP, Hyundai Engineering by the Project Director and Ithou Corp of Japan by Project Director.
He is the current President of North American BUET-76 alumni Associations and Chief patron of Charitable Foundation for poor in the village of Pirojpur.
He enjoys the most to stay with family members well connected with love, travelling with friends and family at home and abroad and an avid golfer and enjoys in water as an amateur angler.
His motto in life is “be humble and kind to environment and time is short and Do whatever you think could be beneficial to the society and the Mother nature”.


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