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Visionary Engineer Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo The Entrepreneur Bridging Russia & Bangladesh

Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo
NRB Commercial Bank

Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, an expatriate from Moscow, Russia, is one of the luminaries of Bangladesh. This talented engineer living in Moscow is a prominent entrepreneur. He is the Founder and President of JSC Bonanza, one of the leading business firms in Russia. Engineer Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, a Commercially Important Person (CIP) status holder honored by the Government of Bangladesh, is the Sponsoring Director of NRB Commercial Bank Ltd of Bangladesh and is currently the Chairman of its Audit Committee.
Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo was born on July 1, 1963 in an aristocratic family in Kalimahar village of Pangsha upazila in Rajbari district of Bangladesh. From childhood, he was very meritorious. He passed SSC in first class from Kasba Mazail High School in 1979 and HSC in first class from Notre Dame College, Dhaka in 1981. He went to Russia for receiving higher education. He received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgian Polytechnic Institute of Russia in 1988. Besides Bengali, he knows English, Russian, Hindi and Georgian.
After graduation, Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo devoted himself to the electronics business in 1990. For this, he founded the company JSC Bonanza. Through this company he took over the official dealership of other famous electronics products including Sony Panasonic, Pioneer, Kenwood, LG Electronics, Sharp, JBC, Thompson, Philips, Mission, Eltax, Canton, Denon, Monster Cable, Velas. As a result, his company JSC Bonanza has amassed a good number of customers all over Russia.
On the other hand, as an investment company, JSC Bonanza also invests in real-estate, dry clearing (Lishka, Greenciti), capital market, etc. More than 500 people have got opportunity to work in this company.
Visionary engineer Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo has invested not only abroad, but also in his own country Bangladesh. He is the Sponsoring Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of NRB Commercial Bank Ltd, a leading provider of corporate banking services in Bangladesh.
Dreamy Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo is associated with many trade, social and cultural organizations. He served as President of the Russia-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RBCCI) for three times in 1998-1999, 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 as an important trade organizer. During this time, he has been cooperating with the business representatives from Bangladesh to Russia, including seminars in Russia for the Bangladeshi business community.
Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo thinks that Culture strengthens ties between two countries and adds a new dimension to business activities. He has organized cultural festival of Bangladesh in Russia for several times where music star Runa Laila, film star Alamgir, Baby Nazneen, Hanif Sanket, Ankhi Alamgir and many other important stars took part.
When Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went to Russia in June 2005 to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the People’s Friendship University of Russia, he played an important role as the President of RBCCI and Bangabandhu Parishad Russia. Sheikh Hasina was also awarded the ‘White Eagle with Crown’ medal by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Engineer Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo has been investing in his motherland for more than 20 years. He has built a 6-storey factory building of 120,000 square feet for the garment industry at Board Bazar in Gazipur. It is rented to Interstoff. More than 3,000 people work there.
He has built a 6-storey building in Uttara which has been rented to Labaid Diagnostic Center. He has invested in Capital Market through Bangladesh Bank Premium Bond and Wage Earner Development Bond and NITA account. In 2013, he invested in NBR Commercial Bank. He received the ‘Remittance Award’ from the Government of Bangladesh in 2015 as an important remittance sender in the country.
He received CIP status from the Government of Bangladesh for investing in the ‘Bond’ sector of Bangladesh Bank. He has spent several crores of taka on various development activities including building academic building and hostel of Kalimahar College in his village. He continues to bear the other expenses including the salaries of the teachers and staff of this college. He has also introduced scholarships for meritorious poor students. For the last 4 years, this college has been giving the best results in Rajbari district. It has been registered as MPO in 2020.


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