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“Question raised over human rights violations in Bangladesh; Government should to clarify the issue”

Firoz Ahmed
President, Landmark Construction USA Corp

Firoz Ahmed is one of the Bangladeshi-born Americans who have got successes in life through hard work and perseverance. Hailing from Sandwip upazila of greater Chattogram, this successful Bangladeshi is one of the leading Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the United States, who has relentlessly been working for the development of the Bangladeshi community.

Firoz Ahmed is the founder and president of Landmark Construction USA Corp, one of the top construction firms in the USA. This company is making gradual development with maintaining its reputation. He is engaged in FOBANA, a worldwide-known international organization of Bangladeshis living abroad. He was the member secretary of FOBANA Conference- 2019.
Firoz Ahmed was talented and creative during his student life. After completing SSC from Agrabad Government Colony High School and HSC from Government City College in Chattogram, he obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Government Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College. Thereafter, he worked as income tax lawyer. He was former Tax Attorney at Chattogram Taxes Bar Association. From then, Firoz Ahmed led various kinds of social and cultural organizations.
Swandip, the birthplace of Firoz Ahmed, always faces erosion as the huge waves of sea hit the seashore areas of that area. To protect the island from any damage, he provided financial assistance from abroad collecting funds from the people of his locality. He was the ex-General Secretary of Sandwip Society USA. He is engaged in Bangladesh Society of New York, USA. He performed the duty as Election Commissioner during the election of this society. He played a vital role as Chief Election Commissioner in the election of Sandwip Society.
Besides distributing relief goods among the deprived and helpless people of his birthplace Sandwip, Firoz Ahmed has been working to serve the Bangladeshi community during this worst humanitarian crisis on earth. He says, everyone should extend helping hands as per capability during any kind of crisis. He is a familiar figure in the USA media. He regularly takes part in television talk shows.

He has taken initiatives to raise awareness of the USA Bangladeshi community including Sandwip and strengthen their morale regarding coronavirus pandemic. He firmly says, “The people of Bangladesh infected with coronavirus are not criminals. We should be kind to them. If someone treats us in such way what will be our feeling?” Relief goods including food items have been distributed among the Bangladeshi helpless and insolvent families funded by Firoz Ahmed and other like-minded people.
Firoz Ahmed is not only known as an enterprising businessman but also as a politician. He is the General Secretary of Inter BNP, USA. As a conscious and advanced-minded person, he is a unique figure in politics. He says, the philosophy of Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman is- “Party is greater than an individual; Country is greater than a party.” He believes, if we follow this ideology, the development of Bangladesh can be accelerated fast.
The first and foremost condition of country’s development is to establish democratic values, he further says, adding that Only one-party democracy can’t make any real development of the state.
He thinks, there are questions over human rights violations in Bangladesh. The ruling government should need to strengthen the development and image of Bangladesh through a credible and inclusive election.
Firoz Ahmed is well-known to Bangladeshi community in the USA as a politician and social worker.


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