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Put emphasis on using pollution free cars to take part in ‘Digital Bangladesh’ movement

Tateyama Kabir
Vice Chairman
NRB Bank

Even after being a Bangladeshi national, Tateyama Kobir has earned the citizenship of Japan by dint of his qualification and is playing an important role in business and trade sector of his birthplace Bangladesh. He was born in a respectable Muslim family at Chatkhil in Noakhali. He went to Japan about 24 years ago. Many people come to Japan and go back to the country after earning. But he thought that he has to stay here by obtaining qualifications. From this thinking, he took admission to Japan Language Masters course and successfully passed the course.
He passed SSC examination in Second division in Commerce group in 1984 from Rangunia High School. He then completed his diploma course from Feni Polytechnic Institute. After then, he went to Japan and continued his education. In 1989, he obtained under graduate degree from Toyama Language School and graduate degree in International Literacy from Toyama International University in 1995.
After completing education, he took initiatives to establish business there. He then started to export cars in different countries. By this time, he got the Japanese citizenship and since then his name was recorded as Tateyama Kobir. At present, he is a Japanese as per his passport. In his opinion if anyone wants to do something in other countries, he or she has to learn languages and cultures of those countries. He thinks he has got business success within a short period of time as he knows the language and cultures of the Japanese. He got married a beautiful Japanese woman. He blessed with two daughters and a son. His two daughters are studying in Japanese schools. An enterprising business personality Tateyama Kobir established business firm named ‘Kobir Auto Export Co. Ltd.’. He is the President of this company. He also set up a showroom to import cars. The name of this firm is ‘Ocean Auto’ located at Uttara Badda, Dhaka which was established in 2009.
A celebrated son of Bangladesh Tateyama Kobir has taken an initiative to assemble made in Bangladesh cars in Japan-Bangladesh joint venture in Bangladesh. If it is implemented, made in Bangladesh is also be written on the car like others products. Thus, Bangladesh can able to reach in a unique height. Now, many companies have got the opportunity to write made in Bangladesh in electronics products and these products have been exported to abroad. It is happened in exporting motor car also and its credit goes to Tateyama Kobir. He says we don’t have any quality technology and mill factory. We mostly depend on foreign technology. In developed countries, the government put more importance on technical education than general education. We are also giving more importance to technical education now.
Tateyama informs he had to face sufferings when was studying in Japan. For this reason, he always prayed to Allah that if he becomes established someday, he will help the students of his country. He says he cried after reading the life story of Bangladesh Bank’s former governor Dr. Atiur Rahman and he took the responsibility of providing the education to the insolvent students of his native Chatkhil upazila so that they can gain higher education. He has started giving scholarship naming after his father. He has also written a book on culture of Japan.
He says the teachers do well behave with the students in Japan. They treat the students as friend. The primary teaching of Japanese teachers and parents is that if you can’t help anyone but not harm anyone. Bangladeshi-born Japanese citizen Tateyama Kobir has put emphasis on using pollution free cars to take part in ‘Digital Bangladesh’ movement. He says the incidents regarding false cases and cross fire are being criticized internationally. He urges all to remain away from doing this kind of acts. He says there are no such incidents in developed countries. Tateyama loves his motherland very much. With a view to building up a developed Bangladesh, he has taken initiative to set up car assembling factory in Bangladesh.


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