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Prosperity not for a single family, assistance should be provided for development of the deprived

Dr. Lira Chowdhury, Physician and Social Activist

Dr. Lira Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi-born first generation citizen, who is working as Urology Surgeon at Detroit Medical Center. From her child, she was brought up as a humanist. Her father Masud Chowdhury is a renowned person. Her father is an alumnus of Jhenaidah Cadet College and organizer and president of the Jhenaidah Cadet College Alumni Association in Texas. Masud Chowdhury himself is a social worker. With the help of his family, he founded Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) in Dallas, Texas, USA. His daughter Dr. Lira Chowdhury is closely associated with this organization and she has many dreams about this organization. At a very young age, she had the opportunity to see with her father the miserable-suffering-inhuman environment of the helpless deprived children of poor families in Bangladesh and India. And since then her heart and mind have been prepared to alleviate the suffering of these poor children. Although her parents are Bangladeshi Americans, she was born and raised in America. Her deep love for the poor from an advanced position is indicative of her gentle character.

As a physician, she thinks, “Trust is at the heart of every good patient-physician relationship.” She expects, her patients will report their problems in a safe environment so that treatment is provided easily and properly.
Lira Chowdhury has studied in a well-known school in America. She comes to Bangladesh every year with her parents since childhood. She used to witness the reality of the poor here. She realized that her life is very different and better than most Bangladeshis. A few years ago, Lira Chowdhury spent three weeks in Bangladesh as a member of a relief team. She visited the SCS project areas in Feni and Patuakhali to assist the people affected by the cyclone at that time. She noted from her perception, “I saw a lot of things I didn’t know.”

In the United States, an eight-year-old boy goes to school and plays baseball, while many boys and girls of that age in Bangladesh are engaged in hard work with a variety of heavy equipments. They used to fight for their livelihood by dropping out of school. She says, once a mother walked five miles to seek help for her sick child. Realizing these difficult issues, she was ashamed of her designing sunglass and clothes. It was then that she realized that these helpless people do not want or need these elements. All they want is to help them get a better life. Such a deep feeling and realization has inspired her to join RSC. She thinks that if she becomes a doctor, she will be able to stand by these miserable and helpless people.

Dr. Lira Chowdhury holds a degree in Medicine from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. She has completed her Residency from Michigan State University’s Detroit Medical Center. She holds a specialist degree in Female Urology, Voiding Dysfunction and Urogenital Reconstruction from the University of California, Irvine. She realizes that patients like her personality and sincerity besides her clinical and surgical skills.

Her father Masud Chowdhury and her family have been involved in the activities of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) from the very beginning. She was also familiar with this work from her childhood. Later, she started working as a youth volunteer of this organization. The organization has undertaken a number of programs for the needy families and children of Bangladesh, especially to free children from child labor and bring them back to school. The organization also arrange healthcare for them. For this purpose, Dr. Lira Chowdhury has been contributing to the fund collection with a view to giving them the necessary financial support.

Dr. Lira Chowdhury thinks that the rich people of the society should come forward for the development of these poor and helpless children. According to her, we all dream of a beautiful world. Assistance will be provided not only for the prosperity of a single family but also for the lagged behind and deprived people of the society. Then, a beautiful world will be built where won’t exist disparity.
Bangladeshi-origin American Dr. Lira Chowdhury expects a beautiful Bangladesh and a friendly world where every child will be assured of healthcare and education.


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