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Prosperity is possible if huge manpower of Bangladesh can be utilized properly

Mozaharul Islam

Taj Mahal Restaurants Group
Miami, Florida

Mozaharul Islam is a rare son of Biral of Dinajpur district who not only making Bangladesh proud through establishing himself in business arena in United States but also he has uplifted the image of Bangladesh before other countries of the world.

Mozaharul Islam was born in 21st March, 1976 in a respectable and solvent family of Rampur village of Biral upazila under Dinajpur district. They are eight brothers. His father was enthusiastic and was very open-handed regarding the education of his children. A meritorious student Mozaharul Islam took admission at Dinajpur Govt College after passing SSC in 1991 from local Munshipara High School. He duly passed HSC in 1993. Then, he came to Dhaka and took admission to Titumir Govt. College. He successfully completed his graduation from there. In 1997, he started his career joining to National Security Agency (NSI). Besides, he took higher degree from Southeast University in 2005.
After serving NSI for 10 years, he left for America in 2007 during caretaker government. He had deep and good relation with newspapers and political arena including established persons of the society due to working in intelligence agency. But, he had to do odd job after coming to America. But, he didn’t do that for so long as he was very talented, skilled and self-confident. In 2011, he started his business in America.

Through hard work and planned steps, he started getting success in business very fast. Then, he didn’t look behind again. He passed his golden period of business in 2017. He involved himself in restaurant business. His restaurant business has been running in rocket speed. He established ‘Tajmahal Restaurant’ which attracts the people within a short period of time. The restaurant has earned huge goodwill.

A dreamer, self-confident personality Mozaharul Islam believes that no job is valueless. He says the experience which he got from working in the management of a supermarket in North Florida after coming to America has played a vital role in making him a businessman. He used the experiences in running his own business which he has learnt by working there. He took lesson working at Safari Market which later inspired him to establish super circulation market in 2011.

Though Mozaharul Islam established himself in abroad but he always thinks for Bangladesh and its people. He established a foundation in his name with a view to providing help and support to unprivileged and poor people of this country particularly the people of his locality. Through this foundation, he provides financial assistances to poor, helpless and talented students for their higher education. He also used to making the people of his locality enterprising through distributing goats, cows and sewing machines. He provides blankets during winter season. He also provides financial assistance for the wedding of poor girls.

An energetic businessman Mozaharul Islam has attached himself in various social organizations in Florida. He is one of the organizers of Bangladesh Association of Florida. He always provides financial help in religious, social and cultural programmes.

Responding to a question, he says that if someone wants to get green card, he or she will have to take 5 lac US dollars from Bangladesh and if he or she wants to be an entrepreneur permanently, he or she will be needed help of businessmen there. He always possesses a higher ambition for Bangladesh. He believes that huge manpower is the biggest asset of Bangladesh. If we utilize this huge manpower properly, comprehensive development of Bangladesh can surely be done. He says that the people of Bangladesh are very hardworking. The country will go ahead through proper leadership. Ever smiling Mozaharul Islam always encourages young generation.




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