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People’s indomitable love is my inspiration

Bedarul Islam Babla
Renowned Businessman, Ex-Chairman of FOBANA

Though Bangladesh is considered as a developing country of third world but many talented personalities have uplifted the image of Bangladesh before the world. Bedarul Islam Babla is one of them who has enlightened the country’s image through his merit and hard work. Though Bangladesh is lagging behind from economically developed countries but golden sons of this soil aren’t staying behind. The best example of this is Bedarul Islam Babla who is one of the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh League of America and Ex-Chairman of FOBANA.

Bedarul Islam Babla was born in a respectable and educated Muslim family of Kulaura under Sylhet district on November 20, 1961. After passing HSC, he got himself admitted to Sher-E-Bangla Krishi College which is now Bangladesh Agricultural University with a view to establishing a modern agriculture system in Bangladesh as Bangladesh is an agricultural county. Babal didn’t restrict himself only in study. Besides student politics, he also engaged himself in Leo Club. When he was a student of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural College in 1981, he joined to International Lions Convention in Huston. After participating at this program, a huge change was appeared in his mind. He got the opportunity to see the developments of the world practically.

When he came to America, he took steps to establish himself. But he is a different kind of man. He never remains busy only for himself. He once thought to work with Bangladesh community in America. He believes that a man doesn’t get real happiness if he or she remains busy with his or her interest. For this reason, he joined to Bangladesh League of America in order to make cultural development of immigrants Bangaldeshi. He acted as Cultural Secretary of this organization.

Those who are contributing to highlight the contribution of the language martyrs of our country to other parts of the world, Babla is one of them. He is one who played a vital role establishing Shaheed Minar in America in 1989. After constructing a Shaheed Minar, this organization has introduced the celebration of Amar Ekushey placing floral wreaths at the Shaheed Minar at dawn. The new milestone of celebrating Amar Ekushey in America then.

He performed the duty as Member Secretary of a Bangladesh conference held at world famous Madison Square in Manhattan organized by Bangladesh League of America and FOBANA. For his excellent organizing skills, he was elected as President of this organization in 2008. He acted as Convener in the conference of FOBANA held in New York in 2015 and he made this conference a successful one. Later, he was elected as Chairman of FOBANA. Ex-Chairman of FOBANA and skilled organizer Bedarul Islam Babla is now an Outstanding Member of this organization and became Chairman of ‘Liaison’ committee of Convention held in 2019. There is a preparation to hold this convention in New York.

Agriculturist Bedarul Islam Babla wanted to become an organizer with a view to making development in Bangladesh’s agriculture but the Almighty Allah doesn’t fulfill his wish. Though his dream didn’t come true but he continues to make cultural development of Bangladeshi people across the globe through his leadership. His great quality is that he has indomitable love for people and engaged himself to the work protecting the interests of his own community.

Bedarul Islam Babla’s wife Nahrin Islam always inspires and supports him in his activities. His wife also acts for him as a business consultant. They are blessed with two sons- Kasfi Islam and Priyom Islam. Though they are raised in America but they have great affection for their motherland. They also think like their father. Bedarul Islam Babla is an always smiling, livable and silver-tongued person. He can easily adopt people. He puts his hands forward helping Bangladeshi immigrants if they face any difficulties there. He is successful as a businessman. As there are many big-hearted people like him, the image of Bangladesh is getting higher day by day. He acknowledges that the indomitable love of the people is his inspiration.


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